World Nature Conservation Day: Let’s get inspired by these people who are much vocal about nature conservation!

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on July 28 every year. However, we believe that no single day can be determined to take initiative to save nature. Meet these people who also believe the same!

Nature surrounds us and we live on its lap. Hence, to conserve and save it from hazards should be one of the basic duties in our lives. World Nature Conservation Day is, thus, observed today to raise awareness about the need to protect the earth. So, on this day, we are talking about those conservationists who are always vocal about this issue so that you, us, and everyone else can learn from them.

1. Ridhima Pandey


You will be surprised to know that she is just 13 years old! This teen from Haridwar has also been on the BBC 100 most empowering and influencing women’s list of 2020. The climate activist is also a member of the youth advisory council for cop 26.

Instagram: Ridhima Pandey

2. Purnima Devi Barman


This stork conservationist and biologist is always vocal about protecting birds and animals. Due to her efforts, she has also been awarded ‘Narishakti Puruskar’, ‘Whitely Awards’, and more.

Instagram: Purnima Devi Barman

3. Sagar Singh


This Mumbai-based environmentalist has planted more than 4 K trees! His Instagram page takes you to various corners where nature is best-seen and enjoyed. Sagar has also been the Green Crusader Awardee.

Instagram: Sagar Singh

4. Nayana Premnath


Nayana calls herself an EcoYouTuber! Amazing, isn’t it? She makes videos on sustainability and veganism that are loved by her followers. It’s great learning with her through videos!

Instagram: Nayana Premnath

5. Shruti Jain


Shruti is on a “sustainable journey”! Yes, this is what she says as she introduces herself on Instagram. She is an all-time vegan fashion supporter because she thinks that style shouldn’t be at the cost of someone’s life. We are truly impressed by her thoughts and her vegan fashion sense!

Instagram: Shruti Jain

6. Satyam Jha


Satyam Jha has been advocating sustainable living and farming for a while now. Not only this, but he also raises awareness among people about natural farming. One look at his Instagram profile and you will get the essence of farming that takes place in most of India!

Instagram: Satyam Jha

7. Dr. Krithi Karanth


Dr. Krithi Karanth is a chief conservation scientist at the center for wildlife studies, who always makes sure to aware more people of the conservation of the fauna world. Most of her work takes place in the Western Ghats. Apart from that, she is also active on Instagram to give her work-related updates about conserving wildlife.

Instagram: Dr. Krithi Karanth

8. Shivya Nath


You might be knowing storytellers, but how many sustainability storytellers do you know? Shivya Nath is the one. Hailing from Uttarakhand, she is also a travel writer and author. The most amazing part is that her Instagram speaks a lot about how she loves living surrounded by nature.

Instagram: Shivya Nath

9. Malaika Vaz


You will see Malaika Vaz exploring forests and wildlife habitations since she is a National Geographic explorer! Sometimes, you also see her down the ocean exploring lives. Moreover, her Instagram page is full of lush greenery and nature’s beauty, which are a treat to the eyes.

Instagram: Malaika Vaz

10. Taisa Adhya


Ecologist and writer Taisa Adhya take various initiatives aiming to protect wildlife. Currently, she is part of The Fishing Cat Project, a group of conservationists working to protect Fishing Cats and their natural habitat. We would love to learn from her about these creatures!

Instagram: Taisa Adhya

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