Amid the sufferings and difficult times that arose due to the Coronavirus, especially the second wave, we could not stop being overwhelmed by these parent-children instances that took good rounds on social media.

We are going through tough times due to the pandemic. In such a time, hardly can we ignore the fact that it’s the love and support of our parents and family that have kept us going. Just like ours, there are a lot of parents out there, who did not think twice to do what’s the best for their kids. So, here, we are talking about those parent-children instances that not only won our hearts but also of the netizens!

1. Punjab elderly man pulls a cart to support grandkids


You must have seen a viral video where a 100-year-old Harbans Singh was seen pulling the cart of vegetables to make ends meet for himself and his grandkids after his son and the daughter-in-law passed away. The resident of Moga had no other choice than to sell vegetables to support his grandkids. Fortunately, the video was circulated widely on social media that also took notice of Punjab’s CM, who later announced to provide him with relief worth Rs 5 lakh. Be it, parents or grandparents, they care for us as no one can!

2. “Mummy hum neeche hain”


The internet was overwhelmed with how the four children Bulbul, Munmun, Gudiya, and Vikas had written a letter to their mom who might have been admitted and was not allowed to meet. The letter read, “Mummy, hum neeche hain. Aapki tabiyat mei sudhaar hai. Hum aapko ghar le jayenge. Pareshan nahi hona hai (Mom, we are downstairs. Your health is better now. We’ll take you home. Don’t worry).” While no other details could be specified then, the picture of the letter was viral on social media during the peak of the second wave.

3. A father stuck in the USA made all attempts to send birthday cake for a kid through the police

The father of 15-year-old Vatsal Sharma residing in Pune was stuck in the USA as operations of international flights were suspended. But did it mean that he could let go of his son’s birthday? Of course, not! He appealed to the local police if they could wish his son, a happy birthday, and the police, too, left no chance to make Vatsal feel special and reached his home with a cake in hand. In a video shared by the police, Vatsal could be seen cutting the cake on the bonnet of a car. How sweet is that!

4. Elderly auto driver from Mumbai sold the house for the education of granddaughter


Deshraj, a 74-year-old auto driver from Mumbai, become the sole breadwinner of the family after losing both his sons. He had to take care of a total of seven members of his family, including a granddaughter, who, he, did not want to compromise her studies. Due to this, he sold his house, the only thing he owned. The kind social media users crowdfunded for Deshraj up to Rs 24 Lakh after an Instagram page shared his story!

5. Doctor offers free treatment in a hospital which saved his mother


The 48-year-old mother of Dr. Harsha was admitted to a hospital in Madurai after contracting Coronavirus. However, as her situation worsened, she was admitted to the ICU and was later denied by serval other hospitals on the back of being critical. In such a situation, one COVID-19 hospital in Madurai had admitted her and after 10 days, she was discharged from the ICU of that hospital. Dr. Harsha could never forget this incident, and when the Coronavirus reached its peak, he decided to offer free services to the patients in the same hospital, which saved his mother’s life!

6. When social media loved the Kerala mother-son duo who took the country-tour


We were amazed to know the story of the mother-son duo who had taken a road trip covering 16,800 km in 51 days across 28 states! Dr. Mitra Satheesh and her 11-year old son from Kerala, had started their journey on March 17, 2021 and completed it on May 6, 2021, and called it “once-in-a-lifetime-experience”. While Dr. Satheesh had the plan to go out for such a trip with a group of women, Coronavirus made her tweak the plan. The reason, as she tells, before taking such a trip was to see various cultures of India and hence, she only visited villages in the country where such local cultures are best seen!

7. Lactating women approach to breastfeed the newborn whose mother died of cardiac arrest


Minal Vernekar, the 32-year-old COVID positive mother, could not see her child, and the child could also not see his mother as she passed away while delivering in a hospital in Nagpur. However, many lactating women, then, came to offer breastmilk to the child, who was allergic to formula milk and was in a severe condition owing to the early birth. Chetan Vernekar, Minal’s husband, could not thank those women enough who helped in saving his child, who would have not saved otherwise. The power of motherhood is, truly, above everything else!

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