From starting a brand together to taking over the family businesses, these daughters are undoubtedly making their fathers proud. Do read about these businesses run by father-daughter duos, this Father’s Day!

Gone are those days, very long ago, when only sons used to take over the businesses of their fathers and they used to run the entities together. With society progressing and changing for the better, now, it not unusual to see the businesses run by father-daughter duos. Hence, this Father’s Day, we have got for you some of those duos who are running their brands together and winning the hearts of their customers. Have a look!

1. Anil Azad and Shubhrata Anil – Trikuta Oils

Anil Azad and his wife Dimple

Initially started by Shubhrata’s great grandfather in 1932, the store was a general store that provided groceries. However, her great grandfather also started producing edibles oils of nuts from various regions in Jammu. Her grandfather joined the business in 1948 where he introduced other products like cold-pressed hazelnut oil, flaxseed oil, and others.


Anil Azad, Shubhrata’s father, joined the business in 1972 and Shubhrata, who is a travel consultant, joined in 2020 after the pandemic broke in the country. At present, she is handling the business as well as the social media page for the brand.
Visit the store here.

2. Dr. Narendra Nath Mehrotra and Deepti Mehrotra – Jeevaniya Naturals


Started as Jeevaniya society, an NGO which promoted traditional health, farming, and education system by Dr. Narendra Nath Mehrotra, it is now operated as Jeevaniya Naturals. The transition took place when Deepti, Mehrotra’s daughter, realized the demand for organic products.


Established in Lucknow, the store, now, deals with lots of organic products and various gluten and sugar-free eatables that can also be bought online.
Visit the store here.

3. Mitali Tandon and Bharat Tandon – Morning Fresh

Mitali and Bharat Tandon Source

The idea behind opening the Morning Fresh was to help people get over the hangover that follows drinking alcohol. Mitali and Bharat Tandon from Bengaluru had discovered that some silk protein helps in the production of ADH, a natural enzyme in the liver, which further helps in lowering the alcohol effects.


After this, Mitali, the founder and CEO of Morning Fresh, started the brand along with her father. Now, the online store sells natural detoxing drinks all over the country.

Visit the store here

4. Brinda Shah, Priyanka Shah and Hemant Shah – Varenyam Farms

Varenyam Farms Source

The bond of Brinda Shah with her father-in-law and sister-in-law, Priyanka led to their venture named Varenyam Farms in 2014. It started with them rearing Gir’s breed of cattle for milk.

Valsad Alphonso at Varenyam Farms Source

The main idea behind opening their farm was to provide the healthy A2 milk produced by the local cows. However, the family, based in Vapi, Gujarat has also been growing mangoes and chikoos since 1940 which can be bought through their online store!

Visit the store here.

5. Akhilesh Pathak, Swapnil Pathak – Aromazeia

Aromazeia is a store where one can get all kinds of naturally made essential oils. The inception of the store goes back to the time when Akhilesh Pathak, who had 33 years of experience in making aromatherapy oils, had made a solution that had helped in relieving his shoulder pain.


Though the family was involved in making oils and fragrances since 1911, it was this time when his daughter, Swapnil, joined to start the brand. They also opened their manufacturing unit in 2014 in Uttarakhand. Now, both of them export the products to various countries.

Visit the store here.

There might be many such father-daughter duos who would be reaching the skies with their collaboration. Happy Father’s Day to all!

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