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online workshops this week

We are back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these online workshops this week and add a dash of creativity to your day!

Bored with the daily routine? Then why not learn a new skill this week? Explore these interesting online workshops, pick the one you like the most. Let your kids learn about gardening while trying your hands on fabric jewellery, learning healthy recipes, making candles, or fun Macrame items, as there’s a lot to learn in these online workshops this week.

 1. Nature Tales & DIYs for Kids - Amlaan Baag

Anjana Khilnani is a Garden Expert, Teacher, YouTuber, and founder of Amlaan Baag. She has been teaching for the last 25 years, while her gardening experience is 22 years. In this workshop, she will help the kids learn 2 simple DIY gardening projects connecting them with different stories. This workshop is a playful opportunity for kids to learn the art of storytelling and practical knowledge of gardening together.

When: 31st July

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2. Fabric Jewellery with The Circle Community

In this workshop, you will learn how scrapped fabric can be turned into beautiful jewellery. Flaunt your jewellery collection with some pieces that are a blend of tribal fashion and handmade work. If you are bored with the regular neckpieces and earrings you have, this is something you should enroll in.

When: 27th July

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3. Candle making workshop- kraftkarnika

Add a dash of aesthetics to your place and learn to make candles that are not just pretty but also fragrant. Know about their smell and learn about 10 different types of beautiful candles at home in this online workshop. Start from basic and end in advance, while learning everything about candle making.

When: 1st August

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4. Macrame plant hanger- Hobbeehorse

Plant enthusiasts unite! Register in this online workshop and learn to make gorgeous Macrame plant hangers. Train your fingers with Macrame knotting techniques and also get a demo on making Macrame Wall Hanging and a Macrame Bookmark. Gift your green babies a Knotty surprise.

When: 31st July

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5. Modern Hand embroidery- Hoopables

Fan of embroidered things? Check this online workshop, where you will learn a modern embroidery pattern from Anupama, the founder of Hoopables. This workshop includes an embroidery kit which will be shipped directly to your door. Learn about different materials and 6 basic embroidery stitches that are suitable for beginners too.

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6. Macrame Coaster workshop - Artistic Streak

Artistic Streak by Snehi is all about Macrame art. From keychains to the light jar, to Macrame baskets, this page showcases everything made in Macrame. If you are planning to learn Macrame knotting, then sign up for this online workshop as here Snehi will teach you how to make Macrame Coasters online. Start with this and later move on the macrame hangers or planters maybe?

When: 23rd July.

DM here.

7. Block Printing workshop - Chitra Art Classes

Block printing is one of the oldest print techniques and can make any cloth look brilliant. We personally love these prints, and they are just perfect for summer. Why not keep a Kurta/ Kurti ready for yourself by printing them on your own. If this sounds interesting, then learn how to block print in this online workshop.

When: 1st August

DM here.

8. Realistic Clay food workshop - Brushed Impressions

Anu Handa aka Brushed Impressions, is a certified Expert Teacher in Hobby Ideas India and offers Art tutorials on YouTube. From miniature clay art to painting on a plate, fabric, or doing mandala art, and a lot more, Anu is talented and knows how to do her job. She is conducting this Rakhi special online workshop where you can learn how to make Realistic Clay food. Sign up if you are a foodie and an art enthusiast.

When: 29th July- 20th July

DM here.

9. Healthy soups - Chef Deepali Sawant

Monsoons are here, and we are craving sipping on hot and comforting soups. During the lockdown where we have been ordering food online and eating whatever we want, it's time to make our diet a little healthier with these healthy soups. Register in this workshop where Chef Deepali will teach you 9 different types of soul-satiating soups. 

When: 31st July

Get in touch on +91 72041 48070

10. Coffee essence workshop - Heal Clinic

Heal Clinic is a well-being platform, working towards personal and spiritual growth through healing, and is conducting group workshops, Individual sessions, and Impact Programs. Their upcoming workshop is about Coffee Art, where they will help you with one floral design, and it will be headed by Trishna Patnaik (Art Therapist and Meditative Healer). Hopefully, this workshop will unleash your creative spirit and better understand yourself by expressing through Coffee in an interactive session!

When: 31st July.

Tap here for details.

So, what are you even waiting for? Enroll in any of these online workshops this week and make the most out of your spare time!

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