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1. Ten tribal villages in Pune to get free electricity


Under the project named, ‘Urja’, initiated by the Tree Foundation, almost 10 tribal villages around Pune are likely to get the free electricity supply within the next six months. Since the villages have waterfalls near to them, ten organizations that have joined hands for this initiative will try to use hydropower for this purpose.

2. Deepak Kabra, first Indian man to judge Gymnastics at Tokyo Olympics


For the first time, an Indian will be included in the jury panel of the Gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics. This honor has been received by a 33-year-old Maharashtra resident, Deepak Kabra. Before this, he has also been the first Indian judge in the 2014 Asian Games and Youth Olympics.

3. Gandhinagar railway station gets a makeover, to be equipped with facilities


Gandhinagar railway station is all set to provide facilities to the people like a 5-star hotel on the top of it, an interfaith prayer hall, and a baby feeding room. Apart from that, the railway station will be equipped with an art gallery with a Live LED display and an air-conditioned waiting lounge that will be able to accommodate 40 people.

4. Colour-blind artist from Bihar creates colourful Madhubani painting showing COVID-19 rules


Kundan Kumar Roy, a 35-year-old artist, created colorful paintings even when he is congenitally color-blind. His paintings are based on the importance of wearing face masks and vaccination. Once again, he has made a painting on the vaccination, which is currently doing rounds on social media.

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