It’s raining, and the temperature is cooling down. You are hearing the sound of the rain while gorging on your favorite food! That felt just perfect, haina? That is why it’s time to wake up the foodie, and the chef in you, as these monsoon recipes are going to make this rainy weather feel even better with its warmth and taste.

We believe that the rainy season is meant to stay at home and eat something delicious & hot. And, since we are still under lockdown, staying inside has become a routine, so why not try your hands at cooking? Check these flavourful and soul-warming monsoon recipes that are simple to make and will go great with the weather. Scroll down and bite on something restaurant-like at home.

1. Crispy Kothe Momo

If you miss saying momo khane chalte haina yaar way too much, then here is a quick Kothe momo recipe for you. It’s simple, and Chef Ajay Thakur who is the Corporate Chef at Hitchki & BayRoute has made sure that you get your momo cravings sorted. Read on to know how to make these crispy momos!

Monsoon recipes


For Dough
All-purpose flour

1 cup 
Salt1/2 tsp.
Enough waterTo knead the dough
For Filling
Light soya sauce

vinegar1/4 tsp.
white pepper powder1/2tsp
SaltTo adjust
Mix vegetable Finely Chopped (cabbage, carrot, capsicum)1/2 cup
Shallots4 tsp. finely chopped
Grated ginger1 tsp.
Garlic, finely chopped
Finely chopped coriander2 tsp.


At first, prepare the dough. Mix in salt with flour well and pour in enough water to form a dough. Lastly add oil to glaze it, knead again. Now, cover with a wet moist cloth and set it aside for two hours. Secondly, you can prepare the vegetable filling by mixing everything under filling so, onion, coriander, soya sauce, ginger, garlic, and a favorable amount of salt. White pepper powder. Keep aside, our filling is also ready.

Take the dough and divide it into four equal balls, take each ball and roll out as thin as possible. Later on, using a cookie cutter or any lid, make a circle cut. Spoon 1 tsp. of filling into a circle and fold it on one side, to get a half-moon shape. You can very well seal dough from preventing the filling to fall out. You can also make some handy impressions, to make it look extra-special. Now, steam these dumplings for ten minutes. They are done, usually tested by inserting a knife onto the surface of momo. If the knife comes out clean, then momo is cooked. Before serving, pan fry them or toss them in a pan till they are slightly browned.

2. A hot pot of Lebanon Lentil

A hot bowl of this Lebanon Lentil by Chef Ajay Thakur can be made in less than an hour and is ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you are making it with the exact amount of the ingredients mentioned, then it will bless you with a healthy meal with 475gm of calories per serving. We suggest you eat it with some crisps and lime juice!

Monsoon recipes


Red Masoor Dal60gm
Chopped Onion10gm
Chopped Celery5gm
Chopped Garlic5gm
Chopped Carrot10gm
Bay Leaf3gm
SaltTo taste
Dukkah Spice12gm
Cumin Powder4gm
Vegetable stock50gm


Sauté all the chopped Vegetables till translucent. Add in the strained dal and sauté for a couple of minutes. Add in the water and bring to a boil continuously stirring. Cover and Simmer for 20 min or till the Dal has completely dissolved in the water. Remove the Bay leaf, cool the mixture, and then blend till a smooth thick mixture is formed In a Pan. Then add the mixture, vegetable stock, salt, and cumin powder. Finish the soup with the remaining ghee. To Garnish sprinkle the Dukkah Spice and serve hot.

 If Dukkah is not available in the kitchen, one can replace it with any spice like Zaatar or Sumac or even Garam Masala.  

3. Some Prawns pakoras for your seafood cravings

Some crispy prawns pakoras are definitely something you can’t miss during the monsoon. This quick and easy recipe by Chef Malcolm Pereira of The Sassy Spoon is one of our favorites. If you are bored with regular pakoras, here is a prawntastic recipe for you.


Prawns 500 gms chopped
Sliced Onions300 gms
French beans150 gm, chopped
Kafir lime leaf5 gm, finely chopped
Beans sprouts100 gm
Maida75 gm
Red/ Green / tom yum curry paste85 gm
Rice flour120 gm
Baking powder5 gm


Shell and devein the prawns, cut the prawns into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and beat the mixture to get an airy texture. Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat, wet your hand, take the mix, and make it flat. Drop into the oil. Cook for about four minutes, turning occasionally until crispy and golden. Serve it with sweet chilli sauce.

4. A plate of Parda Chicken Dum Biryani 

Appetizers and starters are fine, but you know what your taste buds really crave during such calming weather? It’s Biryani, a hot plate of your favourite Chicken Biryani! You have to try this recipe of Parda Chicken Dum Biryani by Chef Rupesh Ingle, Mondo Fine Dine. It is covered with a puff pastry sheet and baked to perfection to give you a unique flavor.


Basmati rice1kg
Oil 3tbsp
Salt To taste 
Whole spice (black cumin, bay leaves, cloves, star Anis, cardamom, cinnamon)As per the taste
Chicken 1 kg 
For marination
Ginger garlic paste

Onion paste1tbsp
Chopped green chilli5ps
Chopped mint coriander1cup
Kashmiri chilli paste1tbsp
Cumin powder1tsp
Coriander powder1tsp
Turmeric powder1/2 tsp
Lemon1/2 cup 
Oil 1tbsp
Fried onion, Coriander, Mint, Saffron water
As you like
Dough for baking biryani:
All-purpose flour, Oil, Water.
Make it semi-hard dough.


Take 1 kg of rice. Soak it in warm water for a while. Meanwhile, take a pot put the oil in it put whole spices, and let it infuse with the oil put water, and salt. After the water starts boiling, put the soaked rice in boiling salted water and boil for about 70% cooked and with the method of draining drain the rice and spread it in a flat tray, and let cool.

For chicken Marination in a bowl add ginger garlic paste onion paste, chopped green chillies, chopped mint, chopped coriander, Kashmiri red chilly paste, cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, yogurt, oil, lemon, and chicken. Mix the marination with the chicken and let it rest for at least 1 hour so that the chicken absorbs the flavour .
In a pot add ghee and add dry whole spices and let it incorporate flavour with the ghee. Now add marinated chicken and cook it well. Once the chicken is cooked, add rice and mix everything well. Meanwhile, make the preparation of Dum.

Make a dough with all-purpose flour and make a flat sheet with the help of a rolling pin. Using a cutter, cut the dough in a circular way and place the cooked biriyani in the center of the sheet. Garnish it with fried onions, coriander, mint, and sprinkle saffron water. Now, keep it aside and cover it in the shape of a dome. Apply butter on top of the sheet and let it bake in the oven till it turns golden brown. Serve it with raita and roasted papadam.

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