Check Doodloo by Niharika for relatable, fun, and anecdotal illustrations!

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Check Doodloo by Niharika for relatable, fun, and anecdotal illustrations!

Doodloo by Niharika is a blend of warm, happy, and relatable things. Her wedding portraits will give you couple goals, while her 'Mumy and Niku' series will make you want to have a gapshap with your mom!

Niharika is from Noida and she has always found her comfort in doodling but didn't plan on becoming a full-time artist. She was working as a graphic designer, and it was going fine until she got an opportunity to work with TVF's Timeliners. After illustrating for their show ' The Aam Aadmi Family', she became a full-time doodler and illustrator. " I was doing a lot of projects for different publishing houses to earn good pocket money. My first job was as a Graphic Designer in Bangalore, but I realized I'd never be able to do it for my entire life. So, when I came back and did my first professional illustration I thought I can make it a full-time career. I saved up my salary for months, then quit the job, and now it has been 3 years of Doodloo by Niharika.", said Niharika.

Doodloo by Niharika

Just like her personality, Niharika's artworks are also cheerful and welcoming. Her illustrations are relatable and describe our day-to-day struggles, victories, and small things we adore. Talking about how does she brings this vibe she said, " It is informal, it's not very refined or professional. I really want to have a connection with the people. My concepts are a reflection of my family and my everyday experiences. It can be something as basic as the conversation I have with my mother. On days when I don't know what to draw, I just reflect upon my day and then exaggerate the experiences.", she said.

Though her illustrations have different characters and fun situations, the one that we love the most is her ' Mumy and Niku' series. It's based on the casual conversations she has with her mom, and we can't help but adore its candidness. Similarly, The Nik & Tin illustrations will make you say awwww with their adorable conversations! One thing that binds everything together is the way she makes them relatable. 

" The secret is the lack of other creative ideas! On the days when I am trying too hard, I produce my worst works. So, for me something which has always worked is spontaneity. I discarded my old towel and was using a new towel, and I was so annoyed that it doesn't even wipe. So, to know if it is only relatable to me or everybody's doing the same, I put it out. When I am absolutely spontaneous and myself, then the things click.", she said.

Another big chunk of her work revolves around the couple of portraits she makes. There are videos about their journey and many cute illustrations too. " I enjoy doing wedding invites the most. The process is a little longer because it's a product for someone else. I start by asking them a few questions and then work on it. Most of the time, I really have to rush through as mostly they have less time, but I try to complete an invite in about 10 to 15 days.", she said.

In 2018, she started her page with handmade doodles and sketches. Later on, she shifted to digital artworks, but her heart still lies with paper and pen. " I really like the outcome on digital, but I can't do it without working on the traditional means before. I ideate on paper and love the feel it gives.", she said.

Doodloo by Niharika has gained more than 31 K followers since 2018. Her journey has been an amalgamation of her different experiences. Remembering one of them, Niharika said, " I had 5,000 followers when I started putting out Mumy and Niku series. There was one doodle that I had posted about one of our conversations. I got a message saying a celebrity had shared my illustration and has even removed my logo. That made me very angry, but then my mom told me that the creativity remains in your head, and nobody can steal that from you. Don't get into blaming and work on yourself."

When Niharika was working with the Timeliners, one of their team members asked her to pitch ideas for the intro. She was too scared, but she tried, and it worked out! "I still remember how happy I was seeing my name on the screen, and the entire intro has my illustrations. I think that did mark the beginning of my journey.", she added.

Seeing her work makes us say Wow. But what if we tell you that Niharika once even thought that she wouldn't be able to make it? " I was working on this video with Indigo airlines and even though they were very polite, I was not very confident asking too many questions as I had just started out. There was too much back and forth. I felt that maybe I am not capable of pulling this off. But, it turned to be great, and I loved it."


What is about Noida you love and adore the most?

I love how everybody is closely connected here.

If you have to make an illustration of a local place, a spot in a city, or favourite eatery, which place would that be?

It has to be Rajnagar sector 10. It has many eateries and shops, and I would visit it during my school days a lot.

Your favourite local spot: The Hipsters Cafe. They have a rustic, and Himalayan vibe, and I think it is too cool to be in Ghaziabad.

Indian Illustrators, you look up to: Alicia D Souza. Sumouli Dutta is my favourite for the growth she has shown, also her artworks are very soothing.

Niharika is currently working on launching her merchandise which is going to be a combination of stationary, apparel, and more. She is also working on her first comic book that will have Mumy and Niku as its main characters. The book will be published by the end of July and are very excited about it. What about you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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