Ok, so without a doubt, you can say Clubhouse is the new social hangout spot where everyone wants to be at this time. With the second lockdown put in force during April and Clubhouse open for Android users, the rise in clubhouse users, as well as conversations, have increased leaps and bounds. Among many such clubs, there are some delicious food clubs on Clubhouse too that you have to join if you are on a food quest!

Well, again, you can’t even deny, food connects people over any culture. And how can any conversation be without food for us Indians? The stories of food are ingrained in our culture, we have shared food learnings, traditions, and experiences growing up that we intend to carry today and forward this treasure trove to our future generations. The history and the roots of our food saga seldom leave us, even if we leave our native. Don’t you agree? So tune in to some spicy, sour, and sweet conversations in scrumptious rooms hosted by these food clubs on Clubhouse to fill your appetite with stories and delicacies!

1. More than Masala

This club is formed by Keith Sarasin, and what do we say about him? He is a Chef and a Restauranteur, a Podcast Host, author of three books, and your go-to person to have any kind of food conversation. The club explores Indian food and beyond through a historical lens.

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2. Indian Food Creators

If you are looking to network in the food space, this club is for you! So join and connect with Food content creators, Chefs, Home Chefs, Food Stylists, Food Photographers, Food enthusiasts, and many more!

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3. Food Club- Malayalam

A great club for all the Mallus out there. Food Club- Malayalam has more than 10 K followers and if you want to explore the cuisine of Kerala, you should definitely connect with them.

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4. Travel, food & Life

Get yourself updated on food and travel and everything fun here. This club was started by Flexcia D’souza, and has 3 K followers. Connect with the travel bloggers, vloggers, share your ideas and host rooms for interesting and informative discussions.

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5. Coimbatore Food Guide

This club has travelled across different social media platforms before settling on Clubhouse. Started their journey from Orkut, Coimbatore Food Guide is now here for all the food lovers. If you are a food enthusiast and love munching and talking about khana peena, join them!

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6. All About Food

Started by 3 friends, this club is welcoming everybody who is in love with food. There is no language barrier so feel free to join this awesome food club for drooling conversations.

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7. Mumbai Food Lovers

Mumbaikars! You have to join this club if you want to explore and know about the best eateies, chefs, street food, and some hidden food gems for your next food outing.

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8. Food and Film Lovers

If you also don’t eat your favourite food until you have found the perfect movie/video/song, then hit the follow button now. This club is calling all the foodie cinephiles for kaafi filmy and kaafi foodie conversations!

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9. Kerala Food & Travellers Club

Kerala Food & Travellers Club is one of the must-join food clubs on Clubhouse for all the Keralites. Discuss your favourite food, restaurants, cuisines, and the best places in Kerala to visit and explore with other foodies!

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10. History On a Plate

This club is discussing our favourites things! They have an upcoming session on Papad, and they are on a hunt on exploring the desi food diversity. The club also aims to throw light on the culinary traditions, lost recipes, and culinary culture of the country. They are here to have conversations about food through the lens of religion, caste, economics, history, politics, and other such interesting factors! Need another reason to join this club? Join to hear interesting anecdotes by Shubhra Chatterji, popularly known as historywali. She has an experience of over 10 years, documenting various cuisines over TV and OTTs.

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11. Delectable Conversations

The name says it all, right? This club is owned by Vernika Awal, a food journalist who is also working on a concept #DelectablePunjab, where she is documenting culture and cuisine from her home state, Punjab. The rooms are not just restricted to core food, but also explores its impact related to societal practices, cultures, and history.

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