Good food, good vibes, big bites, and sweet delights! These recipe bloggers are here to make you a chef during the lockdown. It’s time you learn some quick and delicious recipes and have a hearty meal at home!

Bored with the routine Ghar ka khana? Craving for something cheesy, spicy, and food packed with masala? Then have a look at these must-follow recipe bloggers and let them show you how to make your food menu interesting. Try their epic recipes and have a food party at home.

1. Chahat Anand

Chahat Anand is all about quick, cheesy snacks and amazing recipes. This Lockdown cook will serve you with some really good cheesy snacks and her Maggi recipes look totally drooling. Follow her on Instagram to make your tea time and late-night cravings sorted. Bite on her Instagram here

2. Ruchika Asatkar

This Nagpurchi Mulgi is a Food, Lifestyle & Travel blogger. Her food challenges on her Instagram and YouTube are fun to watch. Her feed is a combination of Coffee, Sweets, noodles, and more. Follow her for fun recipes and equally fun videos. Bite on her Instagram here.

3. Neha Deepak Shah

She has been the winner of Masterchef India S4 and is extremely talented. From proper meals to desserts, to snacks, her Instagram feed will help you become a home chef. Get lost in her food aesthetics and delicious recipes and follow her on Instagram here.

4. Eatographers

Run by the duo Vivek and Ayesha, Eatographers is another must-follow food blog on Instagram. They have been exploring eateries in Nagpur like a pro, and if you are planning to visit Nagpur post lockdown, don’t forget to know the best places in town with them. Their recipes are all cheesy and mouthatering. Follow them and make something interesting? Bite on their Instagram here.

5. Akshayaas Cameo

This Keralite posts one-minute recipes and we are in love with it. Her traditional nonveg recipes look irresistible and if you are a fan of Kerala’s cuisine, then check her out. Bite on her Instagram here.

6. Arushi Hasija 

Her Instagram feed is heaven for all those who have a sweet tooth. Arushi Hasija aka Mills & Buns has one of the sweetest blogs on Instagram as it is filled with baked goods, desserts, drinks, and everything sweet. Satiate your sweet tooth cravings and try her recipes. Check her Instagram here for a sugar rush.

7. Foodie Raipurian

Aakriti Agarwal gives Restaurant Review, hunts for the Best Cafes, cooks fun snacks, and explores the street Food in Raipur. The close-up shots of the food are definitely here to make you hungry, while her simple recipes will kill your hunger pangs in the most satsfying way. Bite on her Instagram here.

8. That Petite Foodie

This foodie is a huge Korean food fan and keeps making recipe videos every now and then. Right from Chicken to Noodles, to crispy Spring rolls, we love everything she posts. If you also love spicy Korean cuisine, check her Instagram here and plan a Korean feast at home. She is one of our favourites, must-follow recipe bloggers!

9. Bhukkad Khane Ka

True to its name, this food blog has everything we love to eat. From Pizzas to fried items, to ghee soaked Parathas, to thick gravies. You will definitely want to get something for yourself after scrolling his mouthwatering feed. Bite on his Instagram virtually here, and try his easy to make snacks this evening.

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