Do you know what do you need to hear to relax your mind? Listen to these mouth organ players who are refining tunes!

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Do you know what do you need to hear to relax your mind? Listen to these mouth organ players who are refining tunes!

If you are also the one who needs music and melody to chill out, this is we have got you covered! Check out these talented mouth organ artists who are here to make your day!

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about the mouth organ is the scene from Sholay where Big B was seen playing it gracefully. How beautiful that scene was! However, even in real life, there are many mouth organ players who are doing it right and mesmerizing their audience. Herein, we will talk about a few of them who are recreating the songs with the musical instrument and also creating new tunes. So, stay tuned with us!



1. Gourab Das

Undoubtedly, he is one of the best mouth organ players who one can follow to learn the art. His videos on YouTube go for lakhs of views and win the hearts of his followers. You can check his channel through the link given on his Instagram profile.

InstagramGourab Das

2. Vishal Patil

Vishal is a multi-talented personality who plays piano, flute, and tabla as well. Not only this, but he is a guitarist too. Listen to his 'Ve Mahhi' on mouth organ, and it's a treat to the ears!

InstagramVishal Patil

3. Rupayan Ghosh

Rupayan does not leave a chance to impress his followers with Hindi and English romantic music. However, you can also find him playing old disco songs on his mouth organ.

InstagramRupayan Ghosh

4. Jolly Patel

Jolly Patel is an artist who is good at doing so many things including playing the ukulele, clicking photographs, and of course, playing the harmonica. He is also a trek leader, and you can expect his Instagram page full of adventure and music!

InstagramJolly Patel

5. Hritam Bose

This Kolkata resident is also a professional keyboard player. And, if you love old Hindi songs dating back to the time of Rajesh Khanna, you must delve into his profile!

InstagramHritam Bose

6. Alok Upadhyay

Alok Upadhyay is deeply connected to poetry and music. He is a poet, dialogue writer, lyricist, music composer-singer, and rapper. Yes, that's true! Check yourself here!

InstagramAlok Upadhyay

7. Chinmay Kulkarni

Chinmay Kulkarni is also one of the best mouth organ artists who will make your day with his instrumental videos. He chooses romantic as well as soulful songs to play and also posts videos on his YouTube channel.

InstagramChinmay Kulkarni

8. Madhubanti Ray

Madhubanti Ray is the one who will win your heart by playing the mouth organ on various songs of Bengal origin. The songs that she chooses to play are mostly the ones that are sung in religious ceremonies.

InstagramMadhubanti Ray

9. Nikhil Kotwal

You can find Nikhil Kotwal playing mouth organ at various picturesque locations. Who will not like to see mountains and soulful music together, hnn?

InstagramNikhil Kotwal

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