Bengaluru tops the list of the most liveable capital cities in India

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has released a report indicating the 10 most liveable capital cities where Bengaluru is on the first rank.

A recent study has proved that Bengaluru is not just a city with one of the most pleasant weather but it’s also one of the most liveable capital cities in India.


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) based in New Delhi has released a report titled, ‘State of India’s Environment 2021’. According to this, 10 cities have been named the most livable cities.

Bengaluru is the first with 66.7 scores followed by Chennai, Shimla, and Bhubaneswar with 62.61, 60.9, and 59.85 scores in the report’s Ease of Living Index, 2020, on a scale of 100.

According to the same index, the other cities are Mumbai (58.23), Delhi (57.56), Bhopal (56.26), Raipur (56.26), Gandhinagar (56.25), Jaipur (55.8).

Criteria for determining most liveable capital cities

There were four parameters to conclude the Ease of Living Index. Those include quality of life, economic ability, sustainability, and citizen’s perception survey. Delhi performed the worst in the citizen’s perception with 69.4 where Bhubaneswar, the best with 94.8.

However, Delhi performed the best in the quality of governance rankings of the cities. Though it was not a criterion for the Ease of Living Index but was measured separately.

The other index i.e. quality of life, saw Chennai, the best performing city and Jaipur, the worst among the 10 cities.

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