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Pride Live Fest '21

Yes! Local Samosa and Social Ketchup are back with the 2nd edition of Pride Live Fest '21 and here's everything you need to know.

June is the month of Pride and it's celebrated to memorialize the Stonewall riots in the USA back in 1969. This has continued to be seen as a month that highlights and talks about the struggles, issues, accomplishments, and everything in between for the queer community. It's the month that reminds us about the existence of this beautiful community and the great deal of work that they're doing. While Pride month is for the community, it's not just celebrated by them but by their allies from society as well. And that's precisely what we're doing this June at Local Samosa and Social Ketchup. Our 2nd edition of Pride Live Fest '21 is here and we're uber excited!

Social Ketchup and Local Samosa (from the house of Social Samosa Network) present the Pride LIVE Fest as an initiative to normalize conversations around the LGBTQIA+ community. We intend to celebrate the month of Pride by creating informative and engaging content for the LGBTQIA+ community to come together in a safe space.

Scheduled on June 18, 2021, this virtual fest intends to bring the community together on one common forum to facilitate an exchange of thoughts and views in a safe space.

After the amazing maiden fest last year, this year's Pride LIVE Fest is going to be an astounding experience as we will get to witness inspiring stories, panel discussions, AMAs, virtual gigs. All in all, it's going to be an incredible evening of love, knowledge and support!

Pride LIVE fest will cover topics like - What not to ask a queer person, Drag in the digital age, Acceptance by brands, Gender-neutral fashion, Life on social media - Are platforms becoming inclusive?, Legal way: Know your rights and how you can get the legal help, Discussing portrayal in the Indian entertainment industry, Global practices that India can adopt and lots more through panel discussions, live performances and tons of inspiring stories.

We're thrilled to have Keshav Suri Foundation, Sahodari Foundation, DragvantiSwabhava and 6 degrees, Nazariya LGBT, Sangama, The Qknit, as our Community partners, Sugar Rush Media and As You Are as our Media Partners and Bblunt, VAHDAM INDIA and Bewakoof as our Gifting Partners for this year's Pride LIVE Fest.

Stay tuned to our social media space for more updates about the Pride LIVE Fest! We’re geared up to creating this wholesome experience for you. So, join in with kindness, positive vibes, and love!

For any queries, partnership or participation requests for the Pride LIVE Fest, drop us an email on

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