Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver is sanitizing homes, giving free rides, and a lot more!

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Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver is sanitizing homes, giving free rides, and a lot more!

Munmun Sarkar, Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver has given free rides to 7,500+ people and has sanitized more than 3,000 homes in the last 2 years.

In 2012 Munmun Sarkar decided to buy an E-Rickshaw and do something on her own. A firm supporter of gender equality, this 49-year-old lady is a true inspiration. " I believe in Naari Purush, samaan adhikar. I bought this e-rickshaw with my savings and people.", she said. Providing free rides to old people before, during COVID-19 Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver dropped patients, distributed masks, and sprayed many homes! All this with nothing but love for humanity.

Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver

Munmun Sarkar has been providing free rides to patients, the needy, and those who are going for their vaccination. She has dropped more than 7,500 COVID-19 patients to hospitals, COVID-19 care centers, and their homes. " Now thankfully the number of patients has declined, but I still ride 10, 12 patients every day.", she said. She has also arranged around 800 oxygen cylinders for patients through her contacts, along with masks.

With a mission of sanitizing as many homes as she can, Munmun Sarkar has also sprayed more than 3,000 houses as of now. However, for this, she has taken the help of her friends. " All 3 of us wear the PPE kits and then go for the sanitization. A lot of people have been helping me with donations. That is the reason why I am able to help others.", she mentioned.

Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver

It should be appreciated that this is not the first time she is helping the needy. Munmun Sarkar has been doing social work for the last 8 years. Before the COVID-19 crisis, she would feed, and provide free rides to old people in one of the Vidha Ashrams (Old Age Home). She would also drop blood donors to blood centres. Munmun Sarkar herself has donated blood 33 times and plans to continue it. " I would ask people and take them to blood donation camps for free. Later I started helping people to get their donor cards too.", she added.

Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver

Munmun Sarkar's Toto looks fantastic. It has comfortable seating, blue curtains, and a very pretty blue and white colour scheme. The front of the auto reads ' Aaj ki naari Chala rahi hai toto Gaadi. Siliguri me rehti hu shakti gar Mera Ghar hai.. dekhiye aurten Bhi sab kar Sakti hai.' While on the sides different emergency helpline numbers are printed.

She has been helping people with all her heart, but there is something that disappointed her a little. " After a lot of struggle and stress, I finally recently got my first vaccine dose. I was literally running from one place to another and faced difficulties. Though I have got it now, I was very unhappy, as I have always been there for people. People call me Corona didi, Corona gaadi, and sometimes I face issues, but I'll not stop.", she told us.

Siliguri's first women E-Rickshaw driver

This amazing lady is definitely a COVID-19 warrior! One can get in touch with her on 9641049825. Help her give more free rides, and provide COVID-19 essentials by donating. If you also know someone like Munmun Sarkar, let us know in the comment section below.

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