Ahmedabad no Rikshawalo is a true example of selflessness!

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Ahmedabad no Rikshawalo is a true example of selflessness!

He runs his rikshaw on the principle of 'gift economy, which means you can pay whatever you want, because the meter of Ahmedabad no Rikshawalo always reads zero, so it's all up to you what you want to give him.

Driving his auto with the sole intention of helping the needy Uday Bhai Jadav is Ahmedabad's hero. He is a Ted X speaker, and celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Chetan Bhagat, and more have visited Ahmedabad just to sit in his Auto. His meter constantly reads zero, and his auto feels like a happy, familiar space. His 'gift economy auto' is driving people selflessly for the last 10 years where you pay what you want, and the personality of this Ahmedabad no Rikshawalo will definitely remind you of Mahatma Gandhi.



Ahmedabad no Rikshawalo is one familiar name for all the Ambadavadis, and he is known for driving people unlike any other rickshawala in the town. He is friendly, and a big follower of Gandhian Ideology. If you are sitting in his auto for the first time, you will witness colourful ambiance, along with a dustbin, a library filled with magazines, and books. There is an MP3 speaker too that plays Hindi and Gujrati songs. There are two boxes that contain water bottles, and different snacks. He even has kept toys and comic books for the children and treats them with chocolates after completing the ride. But, there's more to this rickshaw.

Once you have reached your destination, Uday Bhai will hand over an envelope to you and will look away. He will not ask for anything. You can pay whatever you want ( as the meter still reads zero), and once you will return the envelope back, he will leave with his rickshaw. This gift economy principle is based on paying from your heart, where you pay for someone needy.


Uday Bhai also has a van which he calls Sabarmati no Saarthi. This van is also laden with the same facilities, and additionally has clothes for the needy people. He has three kids, and his wife supports him by preparing snacks for his auto.

Uday bhai's hard work, and compassion is indeed applaudable. He is also a recipient of the 'Vocational Excellence Award' by the Rotary Club of Ahmedabad. He has given 2 Ted X speeches and is loved by anybody who has met him. We are totally inspired by his kindness and compassion, and we wish him the best for his future rides.

If you are in Ahmedabad, feel free to ride with him by calling him at 9428017326.


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