When life gives you a lemon, use it to make iced tea, and not just lemons, open your fridge, take your favourite fruits and turn them into a chilled drink. Try flavoured iced tea at home and enjoy a refreshing sip!

There are endless benefits of Iced tea and that’s why be it any occasion, mood, or time, sipping on it will make you super fine. It helps in boosting your immune system, helps with weight loss, prevents bad breath, and so on. We love iced tea, but you know what’s better than that? It definitely is a pitcher of flavoured iced tea! Try these recipes today as they are extremely easy to stir!

1. The Basic Iced Tea

Nothing beats a chilled glass of this basic iced tea post-lunch. It mainly has fennel seeds to cool your body, honey to keep your sweet taste on point, and tea leaves for the taste and the heavenly colour. Feel free to add lime juice, mint leaves, and even chaat masala if you need it. Follow this quick recipe by Just Delhiing and sip that jar!

2. Watermelon Iced Tea

This super quick recipe by Manthan Gattani is one of our favourite and will help beat your inner heat with its refreshing taste. Watermelon juice is healthy and when it is combined with iced tea, the flavour becomes a bomb. Add mint leaves, and replace sugar with honey and slurp this smoothie kind of iced tea at home.

3. Spiced Apple Iced Tea

Not sipping on this apple iced tea would be a big miss. Follow this epic fruity ice tea by Richa Gupta who is all about good food and a delicious feed. This one has apples, spices, and apple juice. The combo turns out to be a little spicy which gives your throat a very soothing sip. If you are a fan of Masala chai, you have to try it. Also, you can replace the spices with the masala tea leaves and enjoy. 

4. Iced Lemon Tea!

Another quick and easy iced tea recipe to hydrate your soul. Made with just 3 ingredients this one can be a fab party drink too. We’ll suggest you keep the jar of this lemon iced tea beside your table while working. Feel free to add pieces of fruits and make it even more interesting. Follow this quick recipe by Sobha’s Kitchen who is a homemaker and a fabulous cook, also do check her other drink recipes.

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