Artists to perform at the virtual concert, 'Friday Fundraiser' for raising funds for COVID relief!

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Jun 10, 2021 13:39 IST
Artists to perform at the virtual concert, 'Friday Fundraiser' for raising funds for COVID relief!

Artists like Tanmaya Bhatnagar, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Osho Jain, Karan Singh Magic, Karunesh Talwar and Tejas Menon will be performing on 'Friday Fundraiser' from tomorrow!

Aiming to raise funds for the COVID relief and benefit the ones who have been hit hard by the second wave of Coronavirus, a few artists have taken an initiative named, 'Friday Fundraiser', where they will be performing every Friday.


Artists at Friday Fundraiser

The collaborative virtual concert will start on June 11 where musician Tanmaya Bhatnagar will be performing along with artists like Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. A total of five sessions over five weeks will include artists like Osho Jain on June 25, Tejas Menon on July 2, Karan Singh Magic on July 9 and Karunesh Talwar on July 16.

The fun raised through each performance will be divided among the artists and the preferred fundraiser or charity of the organisers.


Each session will include Tanmaya and the artist of the week where the duration of the performances will be 20 minutes. However, a 10-minute conversation at the end of the sessions will also take place after the performances.

The tickets for the sessions are Rs 1,000 per session where one will also be able to donate more for the cause. One can get the tickets by clicking here.

Get ready for entertaining sessions motivated to do good for society!

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