Gateway Brewing Co. goes retail, launches their store at Gateway, Mumbai!

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Gateway Brewing Co. goes retail, launches their store at Gateway, Mumbai!

Brewing Co. which is the first microbrewery in Mumbai has announced the launch of their retail store for all the beer lovers.

To all the fellow Mumbaikars stuck at home because of the lockdown, here’s some great news to cheering. All the beer buffs may want to put their hands up as Mumbai’s Pioneering Micro-brewery that helped shape the craft beer policy, is all set to launch its retail store in town. As the guessing game plays along, here’s what it is - Gateway Brewing Co. launches their very first Retail store right here in Amchi Mumbai.



This shop is pleasingly stationed near Gateway of India, behind Taj to be precise, on Mandlik road, Ramnimi building. It is a small shop of 200 sq. ft. modelled after the look and feel of the taproom: chic, casual with exposed brick walls & iconic beer brand graffiti on the wall. It will serve as a shop for their beers in bottles & kegs for all the mighty liberationists trying to conquer the best beer out there. As a team, Gateway brewing Co. is keen on introducing the crowd with new flavours, while serving them the best quality beers.

There will be a pin-up board in the store for promoting other local businesses, and to display their ongoing offers. While hoping to leverage other locals, they are very keen on sequentially helping the friends with new offers, this, in turn, will also help them gain recognition and promote themselves as a brand in the midst of the pandemic.



The team recognizes the wants of fresh & flavourful beers; they know that beer buffs will acknowledge the quality of craft brews Gateway Brewing Co. has to offer. They retain all the benefits of natural fermentation via traditional processes; therefore, they don’t use any colours and chemicals, which also means that now one can enjoy fresh beer right here.

Selling to 100+ bars pre-covid, now, they are directly interacting with the customer via growlers & party kegs. This has been a shot in the arm for the microbrewery businesses, which hasn't had the benefit of bottling and exporting like the big guys, or the other micro-breweries in Goa. They feel lucky to have been allowed to do so.

It is simple to order online; one can either order from their Instagram handle, or log on to their website which is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Just one click will do the trick.

One should also consider visiting the store once everything is settled to experience the exquisiteness of it all. The walls of the store have a story to tell, they are beautifully designed to show the brewing process and their timeline, all in cool graphics. The walls are going to be adorned with not only their heritage and timeline but also with their flagship brews & new releases. This means an upgrade in décor every time something new is released, isn’t that fabulous?


Their flagship brews are classics and loved since 2014. White zen - Mumbai’s Original Wheat beer, is light & refreshing with hints of clove & banana; Doppelganger is a dark & Malty beer with a luscious mouthfeel; Mosaic IPA is an India Pale Ale that contains the highly aromatic American Mosaic hop. For those who love ciders, they also have Side Car, which has sweet & tarty notes from the Kashmiri apples.

Their Explorer Series includes Munich lager which is a classic German-style lager, that has a soft malt character. It is easily the most quaffed brew in Munich; Bombay porter is a roasty beer with caramel & toffee notes, that origins from London(1800’s); Zini lager is a light and crisp beer with a subtle aroma from the endangered zini rice of Palghar. The newest member of these exclusive beers is the Hattrick, which was recently launched during the IPL season. Harrick contains 3 hops (mosaic, talus & Magnum) that make the beer so unique. All available in a 1 liter Pet bottle and their Party Kegs hold 5 liters. It can provide around 15 glasses of beer. 

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