B Durga Prasad aka the Virus Man is an aluminum worker who rides his bike daily wearing a big red helmet that has virus stems, identifying himself as a virus!

A few days ago B Durga Prasad lost his aunt due to COVID-19. This incident shook him, and he decided to make people aware of the importance of wearing masks they can be saved from the virus. He then took his bike, purchased a few masks, a mic, and started his work. For the last 15 days, this Virus man is travelling 50 km every day spreading awareness about the virus while distributing masks!

His bike is pretty interesting and looks like a COVID-19 guide. It has a house-shaped box behind the seat, which reads ‘Stay Home on the side’. There are many other details written in Telugu about the importance of wearing masks, social distancing, and more. On the back, it has a very big illustration appreciating the efforts of the frontline workers which reads ‘ A Big Salute To The Frontline Workers’.

While riding his bike, B Durga Prasad plays a recording of his own voice regarding the precautions to be taken such as “wear a mask- preferably a double-layered mask”, “please follow social distancing” and “wash your hands or use sanitizers frequently”. His virus-like helmet can easily be spotted from a distance.

Virus Man

Mr.Prasad travels all across Vizag wearing a helmet that looks like the COVID-19 virus, identifying himself as the deadly virus. “I see that people become cautious and begin wearing their masks properly after hearing precautions and seeing me. However, some people yelled at me a few times. Some say it’s none of my business. I try to make them understand, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t” he says.

When he comes across someone who is not wearing a mask, he politely hands over one to them, while explaining the necessity of wearing it, and how it can save them from COVID-19. B Durga Prasad believes that the government and NGOs are doing their bit by giving instructions. Thus, he is doing this so that people who are still not taking the pandemic seriously do so now.

Source: Indian Express

Local Samosa really appreciates the hard work of this COVID Hero and would like to applaud him! If you also know someone who is a COVID warrior, let us know in the comment section below or email it to us at abhishansa@localsamosa.com!

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