Uploading a picture of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate on social media? Check why you should not do that!

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Uploading a picture of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate on social media? Check why you should not do that!

If you had uploaded a picture while taking the vaccine and now thinking of posting the picture of the vaccination certificate, It might land you in trouble!

The last month saw a lot of social media users posting a picture while getting vaccinated. Where such a gesture had good objectives of motivating people for the vaccine, one needs to avoid posting the vaccination certificate on social media.



Ministry of Home Affairs used their cyber awareness Twitter handle, 'Cyber Dost' to put the warning with the explanations. The post mentioned that the certificate contains personal details of a person which can be misused for cybercrimes.

"COVID-19 vaccination certificate contains your name and other personal details. Avoid sharing your vaccination certificate on social media platforms as it may be misused by cyber fraudsters to defraud you," the picture read.

What does a vaccination certificate contain?

After getting the first dose of the vaccine, a provisional certificate is granted to the person through the CoWIN app. The certificate usually contains the name of the beneficiary along with the last four digits of the identity card. It also carries the name of the vaccine, vaccination center, date, etc. One can receive the final certificate only after receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

Among all cities, Delhi and Mumbai have closed the vaccination centers for people aged between 18-44 due to a shortage of vaccines.

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