Meet Perala Manasa Reddy from Telangana who is building homes with sewage pipes!!!

Hailing from Bommakal village, Perala Manasa Reddy is a civil engineer, and is the first one to build Hong Kong’s ‘OPods’ aka micro-apartments in the country!

Owning a house is everyone’s dream, but have you seen someone who helps people achieve this dream? Well, then meet Perala Manasa Reddy from Telangana, who is making sure that it is easier for migrants and other such people to buy their own houses. She has successfully built homes with sewage pipes and they are perfect for a small family. It is equipped with smart furniture that minimizes the space inside.


” Right after my graduation I started with the research part and concluded that I have to build a home that is comfortable and movable. I have seen many people including some of my friends who stay in slums. I used to see them struggle with their lifestyle and living conditions. Some of them had to migrate from one place to another because of work, but most of them had to leave their place because they did not have their own house. Owning a home is a dream of many middle-class families, and all I want is to make their dreams fulfilled. “, said Perala Manasa Reddy.

After extensive research of 6 months, on April 7, Manasa launched her demo model. This micro-apartment or OPod ( prevalent in Japan, and Hong Kong) is a 120 sq ft. customized movable all-weather home, made with a sewerage pipe of 2000 mm diameter. It is durable and has a life span of 100 years. This, one of its kind project is in the headlines for all right reasons, and Manasa has even received her first 200 orders. ” We have got a few orders from the farmhouses. Some have ordered it for their barren land to keep it occupied”, she said.

Taking her mission to a next level, Manasa has also started her own company named ” Samnavi Constructions”, which currently has a team of 4 people. It aims to promote a micro-living apartment for a small family with full facilities available. It has smart furniture that not just looks great but also minimizes the space inside. This house can fit into narrow spaces anywhere, even between the buildings.

Talking about her startup she said, ” We have seen micro-apartments made with different materials like Bamboo. But there’s not a single one that is in a circular shape. So, I think this is the USP. These homes are based on the concept of space-saving and have foldable tables and other similar things to save space. They are fully furnished which makes them perfect for a comfortable living. We are going to include more such concepts shortly which will save a lot of space.”. Though Manasa had invested Rs.5 Lakhs of her own in this project, she is selling these at Rs.3.5 Lakhs. The house can be translocated easily, and apart from low-cost housing for the poor, it’s as good as a regular house.

Manasa is only 23 and did all this on her own. From investing her own money to doing it all alone to feeling like giving up at times, Manasa’s journey is inspirational. ” I had no financial support and being a single parent-child, people were talking. It was pretty demotivating. But, I did not give up as I was very sure and confident about my idea. And it did work out so well. I would like to thank my senior Naveen Reddy, who’s been a great moral support in this journey”, she said.

Manasa has a long list of ideas, but she is focusing on a new design for now. Talking about her future projects she said.” Right now we’re working on the Cube Modals. They will also have the same concept but will be square in shape. We will launch it as soon as the pandemic gets over.”

To know more check Manasa’s website here.

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