'Khush Rahiye' because this kid is keeping the spirits of COVID-positive patients high with his sweet gesture!

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Khush Rahiye

6-year-old 'Aadvik Gautam is spreading positivity with his very oh-so-adorable gestures! In the viral photograph, he can be seen writing 'Khush Rahiye' on the cardboard lids of the food parcels attentively, and we can't stop smiling!

The second wave of COVID-19 has shattered the country, unlike anything. The resources are exhausting, cases are surging, and we still have a long way to be COVID-19 free. In the midst of all the chaos where all one can see are brutal facts and figures, some people aka our Covid warriors are spreading smiles. One of them is a 6-year-old Aadvik whose photo of writing "Khush Rahiye" has gone viral!


Shared by his uncle Amitosh Gautam, this photo is making people smile ear to ear. This little Covid warrior lives in Bhopal and is in 2nd grade. His parents, Ashutosh and Richa Gautam make meals for COVID-19 positive patients. Richa is working with an NGO "COVID-19 Relief Brigade' in Bhopal for the last 2 months. She prepares food for pregnant ladies admitted to various hospitals. The idea of writing 'Be Happy' was also suggested by little Aadvik when he heard his parents about writing something on food boxes. He came up with "Khush Rahiye", and took the responsibility to write it.

When we asked Aadvik about the love that he is getting from people, he said, " Mujhe to pata hi nahi that k meri zindagi me itna bada din aayega ( I never knew I'll get to see a day like this in my life)", he said, and how sweet is that?

Further he added, " I saw how Mummy and Papa were helping people, so I thought of helping them too. I just want people to be happy."


" It was him only who came up with "Khush Rahiye". We were sitting and thinking that we should be writing something on it, and he said, let's write khush Rahiye. His mother then wrote it on 2 boxes, and then he did the rest. It's his birthday today, and you won't believe it, but last night he wrote the same on 60 packs out of excitement. We never intended to make his photo viral but it has, and a lot of people have been calling us. We had shared it on our private groups, but now it has become viral. .", said Ashutosh Gautam.


The photo has gone viral on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. On 19th May, RJ Karthik also shared this adorable picture on his Facebook, and the picture has received more than 38 K likes, and 5 K shares. We can't help but smile. What about you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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