Adopt in a legal way: This is how you can adopt orphaned kids who lost their parents to COVID-19

Even if you have an intention to help, you can be trapped for illegal means of adoption. Check here the legal way to adopt orphaned kids who have no one left in the world owing to Coronavirus.

Since the pandemic has arrived, a lot of people have lost their family members and close ones. Time has hit those children hard who have lost both their parents to Coronavirus. It’s a fact that such orphaned kids have been left at the mercy of either their relatives or acquaintances, while some having no one left at all. Given the circumstances, there have been various messages doing rounds on social media for the adoption of such children. However, it is important to know the right and legal way to adopt orphaned kids who lost their parents to COVID-19.


Your kind act of adopting a child should not land you in trouble. This is what you need to know:

* On finding an abandoned or orphaned child, you can call childline at 1098. This helpline has been made to report abandoned children.

*You can also take the child to any nearby Specialised Adoption Agency. The agency is responsible to work on the adoption process.

The process begins when the agency receives a child. The child Welfare Committee comes into play here which enquires about the relatives of the child. Only after making sure that no relative is ready to take care of the child, the committee declares the child to be legally independent to be adopted by someone.

After this, only those parents who have been verified by Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), the police and social workers can take the child. The parents can register for adoption at CARA. 

Help those in need, in the right way!

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