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Lockdown has been extended in many states as it is still not safe to leave your place. Stay home, keep yourself busy with something you like, and register for these online workshops!

It's time to polish your hobbies and turn them into something awesome. Be a chef, a painter, an artist, or anything you wish as these online workshops are just a click away from you. Learn something new while staying at home and to let those creative juices flowing!!

1. Learn Dance from Natya Social

Natya Social is known for hosting some really cool dance workshops and has been featuring talented dancers. Their page has seen guest appearances of celebrities like Vrushika Mehta and Sneha Kapoor Gothi. It's now your time to learn some fab dance moves from Natya Social with cool dance enthusiasts! This online dance workshop will happen on the 22nd and 23rd of May at a pocket-friendly fee of Rs.450.

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2. Learn I Pad Lettering with Delhi Doodler

Sadhika Gupta aka the Delhi Doodler has conducted more than 150 calligraphy workshops. She has done projects for Google India, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and has hosted many fun Lettering challenges on her Instagram page. She is talented and is great at her job. Her Ipad lettering workshop will take place between 27th to 30th of May on Zoom.

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3. Doodle, DIY Macrame Purse, or Paint with Ptah

Once the lockdown is over and you are out for a vacation, don't forget to flaunt the gorgeous Macramé Purse you'd knit here. Yarn to create a beautiful knitted purse exuding vintage vibes with Ptah. This online workshop will happen on May 22nd and will go on for 2 and a half hours. Other than this one, Ptah has many other fun workshops going on. Do not forget to check them out!

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4. Paint and more with MadCap

Known for conducting art workshops across India, MadCap is another great platform to learn Art with experienced professionals in artistic endeavours like WaterColour, Charcoal & Knife Painting, Doodling, Brush Lettering, Miniature Sculpting, and more. Learn Intricate Geometric & 3D Mandalas on 22st May, or learn to draw Starry Night on May 22nd & 23rd with experts and maybe open your own Instagram page?

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5. Learn to make your own Soap with Soap. Studio.India

Ever wondered how soaps are made? Well, Soap Studio India is here to teach you that. Enroll in one of their workshops and learn to make your own soap, conditioner, body butter, and even Lipstick. Their soap workshops are happening on 22nd of May, while serum, and shampoo making workshops on 23rd, and Lipstick making and Body Butter making on 29th of May! All the workshops are priced between Rs.360 - Rs.2,500.

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6. A workshop on Zero Wate Living by Skrap

If you are planning to be eco-friendly, then this workshop on sustainable living will definitely be helpful. Learn about Zero Waste Living while helping them raise funds for waste workers from marginalized communities. 100% of the ticket sales will go towards buying protective wear and ration for waste workers families from marginalized communities near Chandigarh, in Panchkula. Join them this Saturday, May 22 at 11 am, and be eco-friendly!

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7. Doodle with Mamta Singh

Mamta Singh is one of the best doodle artists in India. She has conducted over 300 workshops for 4000+ students across India, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia. There are more than 10 doodle workshops including Floral doodling, Gadget doodling, and much more. She will be taking an online workshop for the social cause with Cry India for kids on the 26th of May. Time to take your munchkin's doodling skills to next level guys!

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8. Learn Bread Baking with Knead To Know

Ritu Bokaria is a home chef from Chennai and conducts online workshops every now and then. Her work looks delicious, and on 22nd of May, she is conducting a basic bread baking workshop. If you are a bread lover but bored of eating the same kind of bread every time, then bake your own this time!

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9. Learn Makeup with Navret Josan

Make Artist, Navreet Josan will be teaching the complete A to Z of makeup in just 4 sessions across 2 days. From perfect base to perfectly arched-brow, to eyeshadow techniques, Navreet Josan is here to teach you all essential makeup skills. This online workshop is happening on the 22nd and 23rd of May!

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