We asked people what made them stay positive after testing "positive" for Coronavirus, here's what they said!

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We asked people what made them stay positive after testing "positive" for Coronavirus, here's what they said!

They watched movies, practiced yoga, and motivated themselves to get better for their kids but did not lose hope even after testing positive for Coronavirus.

The second wave of Coronavirus that started around March 2021, has affected a lot many people, including youngsters in the country as compared to the first wave. This gloomy situation has, thus, filled people with a sense of anxiety and fear. However, it is very important in such a time to take care of the physical and mental health of oneself and the family. Here are some people narrating their quarantine experiences and telling what kept them motivated after testing positive for Coronavirus.


Sana Patil with family

"I tested positive along with my husband and a two-year-old daughter on April 22. Since all there of us were positive, we were not confined to one room and that was a big relief. We would cheer each other up. Having my baby around really helped as she was asymptomatic and would entertain us. We also watched films and listened to music together. Though, being quarantined did take a toll on my mental health. But I would remind myself that I’m privileged to be recovering at home compared to so many people who are dying because of severe comorbidities and lack of facilities." - Sana Patil (29), Businesswoman, Mumbai

"In the first two days, I had a little bit of fever, tummy issues and soar throat. So, even before the report could come, I knew, it was Covid. I tackled every symptom one by one. Since I live alone, I did have the freedom to roam around my house. I stopped my house help from coming and took rest properly. I used to sleep a lot since I had lost some strength as well. However, the major thing that kept me going was my yoga practice. I managed to continue practising it and thanks to my friends who are all over the world to keep me going. I was also learning Spanish during that time!" - Chandana Bhowmick (39), Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Pune


Parvir with her kids

"I became positive along with my husband and mother-in-law. Thankfully, our two kids, 2.5-year-old and 11-month-old, were negative. So, we had to take extra care of them. I used to wear a mask 24×7 as my kids used to sleep with me. The fact that I had the access to nutritious food and had roof over my head was enough to motivate me. What also kept me motivated is my family and friends to whom I could talk to about the difficult events. After we gave leave to our house help, we were doing all household chores. I think the pandemic has also taught us that our maids/servants play a very important role in our day-to-day life. They make our lives easier and we should respect them and pay them the money they deserve." - Parvir (28), Housewife, Mumbai

"After testing positive for Coronavirus on April 19, there was a different sense of confusion that existed during the initial days. When you are sick, you want to hop on to Instagram and youtube for your daily dose of entertainment. But unfortunately, these platforms are full of covid news and the consequent anxiety is inevitable. However, what kept me positive is how a lot of us are actively volunteering to step forward and help each other in times of need. None of us are superhumans, but we proved that if each one of us does the bare minimum, we'll be able to battle anything. Also, I watched and re-watched the 'Planet of Apes' movie series. I also cooked myself some nutritious food. And of course, my loved ones and family kept checking on me 24*7, so I never felt alone. - Namrata Das Adhikary (26), Digital Copywriter at a PR firm, Gurgaon


Kriti S Gupta with her kid

"I had started showing symptoms by April 3 and unfortunately, my kid also developed a high fever at that time. Thus no quarantine and minimal rest (Mom's Life)! The fact that my baby needs me and I need to get fit for him kept me motivated throughout. Being a Covid positive mom to a toddler, I knew I could help fellow moms deal with this virus. Hence, I also made some pointers and shared my experience on Instagram too like if a mother carches the virus, she needs to wear a mask throughout, keep sanitising her clothes around her baby, give steam to the kid etc." - Kriti S Gupta (32), Consultant at an MNC, Noida

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