If you happen to walk on the lanes of the Gotri area, you will surely see ‘Vijay’ on his cycle, making fresh dosas, and then delivering dosas door-to-door every morning and evening! This cycle wala dosa is a

You may have heard of restaurants on wheels, but have you ever heard of dosa on wheels? Well, a dosa vendor in Vadodara is selling dosas door-to-door on his cycle, and you can even call and place your dosa. Vijay will make it in front of you, and you can enjoy a crisp dosa bite without leaving your place! This cycle wala dosa in Vadodara may sound new to us, but for the Gotri vasis, it’s their stay-to solution for all their dosa cravings!

dosas door to door

The residents of the Gomti area are definitely having a Dosalicious party. All they have to do is call Vijay, and he will arrive on his Jugadu cycle. His cycle has a big portion right behind the seat, where he has kept a stove, a dosa Tawa, and other essential containers. Place your order, and see him make that dosa live!

The price is also pretty pocket-friendly and starts from just Rs.20 There are many options to choose from. Get yourself a plate of a crispy Masala Dosa, Sada Dosa, Uttappa, or the very Instagrammazing Cone Dosa. 

Vijay rides on his dosa cycle and notifies people with the signature ‘Pipu Pipu’ sound of the horn. Well, don’t know about you, but it hits a nostalgia to us. He doesn’t speak much and wears a mask on his face. He serves dosas with coconut and an orange chutney on a disposable plate. On Sundays, the menu also features the iconic Mysore Masala Dosa and Mysore Sada Dosa along with the regular ones.

When: 9 am to 11 pm / 5 pm to 9 pm
Gotri Vasna Road ( Morning) / Gotri Road (Evening), Vadodara, Gujarat.
Contact: 7778866682

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