Cycle wala dosa! This dosa vendor in Mumbai is making dosas on wheels for the last 25 years!

This cycle wala dosa may sound unique to us, but for the residents of SV Road, Malad, it’s a way of getting fresh Dosas delivered to their homes straight from the pan!

If you are walking down the narrow lanes of Malad, be ready to get hit by the heavenly smell of fresh dosas, because a dosa vendor sells lip-smacking dosas on his cycle here, and this Cycle Wala Dosa is totally drool-worthy!

Srinivas Dosawala is selling dosas for the last 25 years and has every kind of Dosa on his menu. Right from your Sada dosa, to Masala, to Mysore, to Neer, but, the most loved among all is his Pizza Dosa, which is quite popular among the localites!

The Dosas are fabulous but the thing which has made him famous on the internet is him making Dosas on his cycle. Unlike your regular cycles, his cycle has a big portion right behind the seat, where he keeps all the necessary containers with a small stove. He clouts the Tawa with a metal stick to let people know about his arrival, and satiate their dosa cravings!


The local people even have his number saved on their cell phones. They give him a call, and then he goes door to door making dosas and delivers a fresh plate of Dosas with chutney to them!


We would really love to see him selling Dosas on a food truck someday, but for now, we can’t wait to try the gorgeous Pizza Dosa he sells. What do you have to say about it? Tell us in the comment section below!

Where: Near N.l collage SV Road Malad West Mumbai
4 PM To 9 PM
Starts at Rs.40
Contact:  +919833506352 / Srinivas Dosa Waala

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