Muskuraiye..because you are at Aminabad market in Lucknow! Check out what not to miss in this heritage market!

Aminabad market in Lucknow is a part of Hazaratganj bazaar standing in the old part of the city for decades. Let’s take you on a virtual tour of this heritage market with us below!

If you have heard of Lucknow, you might have also heard of the famous Aminabad market in Lucknow. If not, then, you are definitely missing out on an important part of the city.


A small heart of the city lies in the old Aminamad market whose roots can be dated back to the times of Nawabs in Lucknow.

As you enter the market, the vibes similar to that of Chandani Chowk wraps you up and you get to see the real and old nawabon ka sheher. There are small old buildings which might have seen various generations of a family. Then, there are shops which would also have served many people who visited here and left satisfied.


Out of many such places, there are two famous shops where you must halt at to know the culture of Lucknow.

Prakash Kulfi


This shop needs to have a separate mention as it has been running for last 50 years. Since then, the people in this shop has been preparing kulfi (a kind of ice cream) in a big earthen pot.

The shop was started by the late Shree Prakash Chandara Arora in 1965. However, it’s not easy to get the taste of their kulfi as the shop always has a long queue of people already waiting to taste it. Once you manage to get inside, devour yourself into the kulfi which is served here with falooda. What a taste!

Tunday Kababi


This is a must-visit eatery in the whole Lucknow which is owned by Mohammed Usman. His grandfather, in 1905, had started this restaurant which continues to devour people in the taste of mutton and chicken Galaouti kebabs.

The name of the shop and the dish had got from its real owner who was handicapped and “Tunde” means “without an arm or handicapped” in Urdu. After the success of the original shop and dish, various joints came u with the same in Lucknow. But till today, Original ki toh baat hi kuch alag hai! And, the original lies here, at Aminabad.

Apart from these two shops, you will find here end number of shops selling various items. You can have a great deal as well with them if you are a master in bargaining.

From Chikankari Kurtis, wedding attire, stationery to nawabi juttis, you can find all of them here. Also, don’t miss to have a look at those beautiful and colourful Chikankari sarees!

The market is also flooded with other food joints which will not pinch your pockets and still give you the taste you’ll come back again.



Within this crowded market lies a small yet separate space popular as Garabarjhala. This small market within the Aminabad market has an exceptional variety of jewellery. With no trace to its origin, the market is surely serving for decades.


Strolling through this place will make you understand why people in Lucknow love wearing ornaments. It houses most of the old designs which you can’t find anywhere else in any other small and big markets of other cities.

Hence, your trip to Aminabad cannot be completed without bulk shopping from here. Come at any hour during the day and you will see shopaholics of Lucknow having no calm at any cost.

If you are passionate about knowing a city through its heritage and culture, you must visit the oldest part of it. Just like Aminabad of Lucknow!

How to visit:
Take a bus or auto from anywhere in Lucknow to get down at this market.

Timings: 10 am to 8:30 pm

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