This food truck in Lucknow has rooftop seating, and it is gorgeous!

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Planning for a date or a fun lunch? Head to this food truck in Lucknow that comes with rooftop seating, and enjoy a fab snack bite!

There are multiple food trucks in Lucknow, but did you know about Lawrence Junction which is unique in its own way. It has rooftop seating that glows in the evening with neon lights!


Located on the busy street of Aashiana, Lawrence Junction is a hit among the local people and is in the news for all the right reasons. It was established by Akanksha Lawrence who is a Hotel Management graduate. Akanksha left her job to do something on her own, and that’s when she came up with this unique food truck on the street of Lucknow.


The truck is pretty stylish and well designed. It is painted blue, white, and rustic golden. The food truck looks a lot like a train engine. Akanksha designed it like that because her father was a train pilot, and it is built in his memory.


There are quirky lines written all over the truck. One of which says, ” Pet se dil tak ‘, while another one reads, ‘ What’s on the menu?’. Along with their regular menu booklet, they have their ‘specials of the day’ written on a glowing writing board, and it adds to the vibe of the eatery. The rooftop seating is minimalistic, with few chairs, and colourful drums as tables. The floor has faux grass on it and can accommodate 2 to 4 guests at a time.


The menu has a lot to offer. From pizzas to pasta, to non-veg platters, to cone snacks, Pita pockets, to wraps, this food truck is perfect for a quick snack bite. The ambiance is cool, and the food is good. What do you think about this unique rooftop food truck in Lucknow? Tell us in the comment section below! Ham to chale khana, or hawa khane at Lawrence Junction!

Where: Zonal Park LDA Parking, Sector G, LDA Colony, Lucknow
11 am to 11 pm
Rs.200 for two

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pet se dil tak.. whats on the menu




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