Looking for a perfect ‘gram picture? Visit these aesthetic cafes in Lucknow!

Are you a sucker for perfect ambiance, impressive decor, and mouth-watering food? If you are, then you should definitely visit these aesthetic cafes in Lucknow that will give you a perfect background for your perfect Instagram picture. 

1. The Hazelnut Factory

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

This is one of the most beautiful cafe in the city. The cafe has a classic blue interior with warm tan walls, green canopies of leaves, and colorful floral arrangements. All of this makes a stunning place that deserves to be on your gram!

Where: The Hazelnut Factory, Gomti Nagar

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

2. Cappuccino Blast Mall Avenue

You’ll have a wow moment when you visit this place. The colorful decor, pop art adorning the walls, and bamboo plants in the background will give you a kickass vibe. Oh, and not to forget, you will love the pretty pictures that you will get clicked here.

Where: Cappuccino Blast, Mall Avenue

3. Homey’s Cafe

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

Have you ever been surrounded by greenery while enjoying your scrumptious meal? For all the people who love to get clicked, greenery+sunlight= flawless picture.

Where: Homey’s Cafe, Gomti Nagar

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

4. Garden Bakery

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

Obsessed with little plants and yellow lights? Then watch them in a collective bunch for a calm and relaxed visit. Get a picture clicked here for your ‘gram and it is sure to fetch tons of likes and comments.

Where: Garden Bakery, Indira Nagar

5. Vintage Machine

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

If you’re on a hunt for vintage aesthetic cafes in Lucknow, you have landed at the right place! This cafe is like a vintage paradise. The lights, the colors, the vibe – all the good things to get a gorgeous picture for your gram.

Where: Vintage Machine, Patrakar Puram

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6. The Cherry Tree

It is like Hazratganj’s hidden gem. It’s so white and unique, you MUST, MUST, MUST, get a picture while you’re here. This cafe will make you feel at home and is sure to take all your worries away.

Where: The Cherry Tree, Hazratganj

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

7. Mocha

The seating at the rooftop is fabulous! The best time to visit is at sundowner for a phenomenal view and some silhouettes for your gram. Talking about the interiors, they are extremely pretty and make this place worth a trip.

Where: Mocha, Gomti Nagar

8. Free Spirit

aesthetic cafes in Lucknow

Looking for a contemporary vibe? Free spirit Cafe has some mind-boggling interiors with posters hanging on one wall, neon word written on the other and cycles and guitars hanging here and there against a plain white wall. Everything here lives up to their name and serves as a pretty Instagram background!

Where: Free Spirit Cafe, Gomti Nagar

Going ga-ga already? Visit these aesthetic cafes in Lucknow and let us know your experience in the comment section below!




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