Meet Shubham Purbia, a finger tutting artist from Udaipur, whose art will leave you mesmerized!

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Meet Shubham Purbia, a finger tutting artist from Udaipur, whose art will leave you mesmerized!

Finger Tutting is the art of creating different shape structures with fingers and is performed worldwide. However, it is not very popular in India, but having said that, we have Shubham Purbia, who is one of the few Finger Tutting artists in the country, and his dance moves are amazing!

Six years ago, when Shubham Purbia came across a video where an American boy was performing something different. His moves got stuck in his head, and later on, lead to something that is winning people's hearts. " He was performing a very unique art. Later I came to know that it is called Finger Tutting and I got curious about it. So then, I googled, and found videos about the basic finger tutting, and tried learning it.", said Shubham.

Shubham has learned this dance form on his own, and it is applaudable. His movements are quick and smooth. The way he catches each beat is impressive, and there's not a single beat that he drops, or leaves abruptly. " I began it by doing some basic finger tutting exercises so that I can make my fingers more flexible. Meanwhile, I also started learning basic tutting moves such as Hand Waves, Finger Waves, Finger Structure, and more. I have learned them all by myself and never went to any dance class for the same.", he said.

All his videos are captivating, and it's a pure delight to watch them. The smart choice of the songs in the background makes it even more appealing. On asking how does he choreographs his performances, he said, " Most of the Choreographers prepare by counting the steps. It always goes like 5,4,3,2,1 on every step. But, I don't do that! I start by listening to the song and the music. I hear it layer by layer and then get lost in it. Then I plug in my earphones and start dancing roughly. I keep doing this until I get done with it. It always goes on for a couple of hours, but I love it.", said Shubham.

Shubham Purbia

Shubham believes that finger tutting is all about one's flexibility. " A finger tutting artist should have flexibility in their fingers because without flexibility this art cannot be performed.", he said. Other than finger tutting, Shubham enjoys Lyrical dancing. For him, dance is his real happiness. " It is something which can't be explained.. it can only be felt.", he added.

Shubham Purbia is a B.Tech student and is mostly occupied by his studies. But dance, and especially finger tutting is his escape. He is managing both like a pro, but sometimes it does get tough. " It is quite difficult to handle both the things. But, I think the only way to make it easy is time management. Making a perfect schedule for your tasks is absolutely important, and I have been following it for a long time :)", he added.

"Being a finger tutting artist, the most difficult thing I face is that I have to perform something unique every single time. It is the need of the hour. So, I have to think a lot before coming up with anything to make it unique, and it does bother me sometimes, but the results make me happy.", he said.

In these 6 years, Shubham feels he has come a long way. " When I look back and see where I had started and now where I have reached, It makes me very happy. I love my videos, and I love my journey!", he added.

Shubham's bio reads, सच्चा कलाकार हूं साहेब, and when asked what does he meant by this, he said, " A true artist is the one who never thinks of quitting or giving up on his/her art. He/ She remains positive, and no matter how many failures he/she face. A true Artist always gives his/her best in every situation. So, when I say I am a true artist, It means I am nowhere planning to give up on my strength. I will give my best!", he said.

Shubham Purbia has more than 28 K followers on his Instagram. He uploads 3 to 4 videos every week. His comment section is flooded with compliments and positive feedbacks. If you want to explore something unique today, do not forget to check his work on his Instagram here

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