Did you know ‘The Beatles’ meditated at this Ashram in Rishikesh 53 years ago?

The iconic The Beatles visited India in the year 1968 and stayed in Chaurasi Kutia Ashram in Rishikesh. The famous band stayed there for a while and wrote 48 songs. Most of them were even featured in their ‘White Album’. The ashram is now a tourist spot for all the Beatles fans!

Anybody who’s into Rock music loves The Beatles. This English rock band is regarded as the most influential band of all time, and even if you are not into rock music, you must have heard their name. But did you know they came to India to study the Transcendental Meditation technique at Chaurasi Kutia Ashram? Well, now this Ashram is known as the Beatles Ashram, and it is located on the eastern bank of the Ganges river in Rishikesh.

The one with their graffiti!


The Beatles visited India when they were topping all the chartbusters, and music enthusiasts were going crazy for them. In 1968 they came to India to learn the meditation technique introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1955. They meditated, wrote songs, and were on the pinnacle of their creativity. They were planning to stay here for 3 months, but then later due to the allegations against the Maharishi, they had to leave early.

beatles ashram

By the end of the 1970s, the Ashram had completely shut down and was left abandoned. The land was taken by the government and was everted to the local forestry department later. In 2015, it was finally reopened for the local people, tourists, and especially the Beatles fans.

beatles ashram

The Beatles Ashram is a delight for any Beatle fan. It has a stunning dome-shaped construction, which is totally Insta-worthy. There are some fantastic graffiti all around the place. There is a huge painting of all the four members of this iconic band in one of the interior walls of Ved Bhavan. The mysterious writings on some other walls have many myths behind them, but the overall ambiance of this ashram is completely spiritual. If you are into yoga, and meditation, then you should definitely visit the Beatles Ashram once.

In 2018, to mark the 50ths anniversary of their visit to Rishikesh, the International Yoga Festival was held at the Beatles Ashram. Participants from different places not only gathered, but also meditated, and paid a tribute to The Beatles for their contribution to Rock music.

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