The festival of colours, aka the festival of heavenly food, is back, and we are super excited about it. While playing Holi and drenching in colours is definitely fun, but biting on Garma garam Gujiya, and sipping on chilled Thandai is also equally exciting. Keeping the lockdown in mind, we are sure you are staying home too, and so it’s time to try your hands on these delicious Holi dessert recipes!

Cooking during the festival holds another charm, and every member of the family wants to be a part of it. This festive season, involve everyone and try these Holi dessert recipes at home. Bite on your favourite snacks, and celebrate Holi with colours, and a lot of flavors!

1. Thandai

Well, Thandai and Holi are synonyms, and this recipe will help you sip on three different types of Thandai. The first one is the classic, old thandai. The other one is mango ( summer-time drink yay), and the third one is paan thandai (Try something different my friend). These 3 flavors will definitely bless your soul with its coolness, and the enriching flavour will give you a boost for a perfect Holi celebration.

2. Gujiya

A warm bite of deep-fried gujiya can take you to heaven within a second. The moist filling of khoa & dried fruits, the sweet, and warm taste of our desi Gujiya is something to die for! This recipe is easy to make and will make your guests crave more. The flaky Maida coating and the chewy filling are a must when it comes to Holi recipes.

3. Fruit Malpua

Garma garam malpuas are one of the best things on earth. Biting on this sugary snack is pure bliss once you are done playing with colours. Traditionally made of rice flour in oodles of ghee and sugar syrup, this malpua recipe has bananas, grapes, and oranges. You can add more, and make it with your own little twist!

4. Shakar Pare

Talking about Holi, and not mentioning Shakar Paare would be soo wrong. Try this recipe for a bite of extra crunchy and crispy Shakar paara. This one is baked, and if you are still managing to count those calories, then this recipe is for you!

5. Laddu

Laddus are another must-try sweet dish when it comes to any festival, but during Holi, it becomes kind of mandatory. There are many different types of laddus, but nothing beats the grainy moong daal one. Follow the recipe, and enjoy them with other snacks!

6. Karachi Halwa

Eating warm halwa which is usually made with cornflour, ghee, water, and sugar, can satiate your sweet tooth, unlike any other dessert. This jelly-like halwa is warm and will melt in your mouth. It’s simple to make, and will definitely make your loved ones your fan!

7. Holi Truffles

Another awesome bite-size sweet that can win hearts. Try your hands on these no-bake, and no egg truffles this Holi. Pick your favourite topping, and impress your guests with this not-so-traditional recipe.

8. Ice-cream

Ice-creams are always a good idea, because who doesn’t love them! This Holi, add a dash of colour, and try this colourful ice-cream recipe that looks pretty instagrammable!

9. Colourful Pastry

Make your Holi dessert thali more colourful with these gorgeous pastries. These can easily be made in 20 minutes, and when eaten chilled can change the whole ‘pawri’ mood!

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