Try these Holi snack recipes and enjoy a snacky feast this festive season!

The festival of colours aka the festival of delicious snacks is back, and we can’t wait to fill our tummies with its staple food items. While the sweet lovers around have many desserts to gorge on, this list features 10 lip-smacking Holi snack recipes that will make every chatpata foodie happy!

Festivals are all about good food and a lot of fun. But, when it comes to Holi, the excitement is beyond anything else. Since everybody is going to stay home this year too ( it’s not over yet, kya kare!! ), we decided to make it flavourful for you. Try these Holi snack recipes at home, and enjoy a feast-like meal Ghar pe with your loved ones!

1. Dhuska

Dhuska is quite popular in Jharkhand and Bihar. This deep-fried Holi staple is made with rice, dal, chillies, garlic, and other spices. It tastes best with your regular aloo matar ki sabzi, or Ghugni ( a dish made with black peas). Prepare this for breakfast, and then play Holi with fab energy!

2. Namak Paare

Talking about Holi, and not mentioning Namak Paare would be soo wrong. Try this recipe for a bite of extra crunchy, and crispy namak paara. This one is baked, and if you are still managing to count those calories, then this recipe is for you!

3. Katori Chaat

Holi is all about snacking on chaat items, and your friends may have planned for a plate of Pani puri, but this epic Katori chaat can give Pani puri a hard time! This recipe is easy to make, tastes great, and the crisp is worth your bite. Try it out!

4. Samose

If just like us, you are also obsessed with samosas, then guys it’s time to fry some on your own. This samosa recipe has a flavourful spicy potato filling, and eating them with ketchup, or any meethi chutney is going to make your Holi celebration complete!

5. Kachori

This one-bite snack is appetizing and has a lip-smacking spicy filling. It has got many varieties like khasta kachori, dal kachori, but this recipe is made with moong dal, and when served with rasedaar aloo, dahi, tamarind chutney, or green chutney, it will definitely treat your taste buds with enough chatkhara!

6. Dahi Bhalle

Dahi Bhalle can win hearts if they are made properly. Follow this recipe for a sweet, and chilled bite of dahi bhalla, dahi vada, or anything you’d like to call it. Feel free to experiment with the spicy masalas, and sprinkle it on your bhallas as much as you want!

7. Pakoda

Pakodas will never go out of style, and out of our Holi recommendations. This recipe of Corn Pakoda will definitely kill those hunger pangs after you are done playing with colours, and will bless your taste buds with its crispiness.

8. A proper breakfast thali

This breakfast thali can be a great option for your lunch also. The chef has made paneer, Aaloo ki sabzi, Achari puri, Firni, and Dahi kulfi. It’s an all in one combo for your whole family, and can be a scrumptious option for a hearty festive meal!

9. Crispy sooji snack

If all your Holi snacks are fried, and packed with calories, balance it with this healthy sooji snack. Though the chef here has deep-fried it, but you can always go for baking, and make it healthier!

10. Kalmi Vada

Kalmi vada tastes terrific with tea, and will make your Holi evening delicious. Make this Rajasthani snack at home with this quick recipe, and serve them with coriander, curd chutney!

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