Sip chai, and then eat the edible teacups at this cafe in Guwahati!

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Sip chai, and then eat the edible teacups at this cafe in Guwahati!

Aromica's Just Tea, at Bipanan Khetro in Guwahati, is serving kadak chai in edible teacups that are made with chocolate, and cardamom-flavored biscuits!

Biscuits with chai hold another charm for every chai lover, and if you also are a fan of this fab combo, you are going to love what this Guwahati café has for you in-store. Just Tea by Aromica is offering masala tea in edible teacups, and you can now enjoy a crispy biscuit bite after you are done sipping on your chai!



Just Tea is a café under the popular tea brand Aromica in Guwahati. Aromica is a well-known name, which sources its green teas from different Organic tea gardens in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Started by Mr. Ranjit Baruah, Aromica is famous for its unique Bamboo Shoot Tea, Blue tea, and Bhoot Jolokia Tea. These days Aromica is making headlines for introducing edible teacups for the very first time in North East India. These teacups are made with starch, refined flour, soya lecithin, soya flour, vegetable oil, and baking powder. People seem to love these biscuit cups too. On the very first day of its launch, Just Tea was able to sell almost 60 cups!


With an aim of reducing plastics, Just Tea is serving tandoori tea in these cups and trying to be a zero-waste café. Other than this special tea, this café also serves one of the best Iced teas, Assami Dheki teas, Black teas, & green teas. Their menu is elaborate, and if you are a tea lover, you should definitely visit it once!



The owner of this tea café, and Aromica, Mr. Ranjit Baruah is a tea planter by profession, and has been in the tea business for the last 20 years, and has received multiple awards for his work. The popular Bhoot Jhalokia tea is one of the stars on their menu, and is a spice delight!

Where:  Panjabari Rd, Khanapara, Guwahati

+91-60014 27859 / 84862 89877

Rs. 60 for 60 ml and Rs. 100 for 110 ml.

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