You can now enjoy your tea in an edible biscuit cup at this tea stall in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

We all love drinking tea at the local Tapri. But more often than not, we are worried about the hygiene of the glass provided. And if you go for paper cups, you are only adding to more disposable waste on this planet. Won’t it be nice if we could have our tea in a cup that was safe yet environment friendly? Well, looks like this tea stall in Tamil Nadu has found the solution as they are serving their tea in the Biscuit cup!

biscuit cup

Yes, you read that right. The shop in question is RS Pathy & Co. The managing director of the tea shop has been looking for a sustainable alternative for serving tea since last year. And that’s when he came across Edco – a Hyderabad based company producing waffle cups.

biscuit cup

These cups are similar to our waffle cones and are coated with chocolate. A single cup can hold 60ml of hot tea. But the catch here is, it can hold the tea for 10 minutes. After finishing the tea, you can enjoy your chocolate-coated biscuit cup.

biscuit cup

The edible cup has been a massive hit for the tea shop. They started using these since June and are already selling 500 cups per day. And at just ₹ 20 a cup, it has become an irresistible option for the locals.

The managing director was in touch with Edco for the past few months when the cups were still in the testing stage. The shop owners received some samples for testing in March.

Happy with the product, they started using it since June 15 and now there is no looking back. Not only has it helped popularise their business, but also leaves a greener impact.

We hope our local tea stalls also adopt this biscuit cup soon.

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