Madurai’s ‘Temple City Restaurant’ makes Mask Parotta to spread awareness about Coronavirus!

For over three months now, people are trying to spread awareness about the spread of the virus in every possible way. Though, ‘Temple City’, a chain of restaurants in Madurai has stolen the show. They have put their love for Parottas in the shape of a mask, called the ‘Mask Parotta’ to spread awareness about coronavirus. Moreover, this unique idea was an instant hit. 

Mask parotta to spread awareness about coronavirus

The owner of Temple City Restaurant stated that ‘they conceptualized the product on Tuesday morning and immediately brought it into the market in the afternoon. It barely took any effort.’ He further added, ‘The aim was to make people realize the need to wear masks in public places so as to reduce the spread of the infection.

Madurai is still under complete lockdown, and in times like these, awareness is the key to win the fight. In the state of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is on the second after Chennai in the highest number of cases. Kumar came up with this creative idea after observing people not wearing masks outdoors.  

Mask parotta to spread awareness about coronavirus

The good work of Kumar doesn’t stop here. When the restaurant opened for a short period of time, he ensured that all the customers wear a mask, if not, he handed them free masks to wear

Since the parotta got famous, they have been receiving uncountable calls, especially from children. Kumar said, “Not many in Madurai wear masks but everybody here loves parotta. We just put two and two together.” 

At the moment, one can get two parottas for Rs 50. They can pick them up from the Mattuthavanai branch, or order from delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

Mask Parotta to spread awareness about Coronavirus is such a cool and creative way. What do you think?

News Source: The Hindu

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