This snack joint in Ahmedabad is selling Bahubali Sandwich, and it looks bomb!

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This snack joint in Ahmedabad is selling Bahubali Sandwich, and it looks bomb!

This Bahubali sandwich is massive, has four layers of different ingredients, and is more than enough for one person. Other than this epic sandwich, this place also serves ice-cream sandwiches, and a lot more.

It's been only 20 days since Baroda Sandwich has opened its gate, but it has already become one of the favourite sandwich places among the local people in Paldi. Their 4-layered Bahubali sandwich is huge and has 20 different ingredients inside. From pineapple jam to schezwan chutney, to veggies, to loads of grated cheese on top, this sweet, and spicy sandwich is definitely a must-try for all those who love big bites.


Other than this star sandwich, there is an ice-cream sandwich too, which comes in 3 different flavours namely chocolate, vanilla, and Tutti frutti. It is a combination of butter, ice-cream, and different sweet sauces. This place is also selling cheesy veg. pizzas, and many different types of toast, and grilled sandwiches.

The creative mind behind the Bahubali, and ice-cream sandwich is none other than the owner Keval Shah himself who is just 21. " Though I am into the Export business, I always wanted to try my hands on something that I can call mine. Baroda Sandwich is a result of my love for fast food, and especially sandwiches. I am a big-time foodie!", said Shah.

Baroda Sandwich is a takeaway service, and it does deliveries in areas that are up to 3 km away from it on orders above Rs.300. They are looking forward to adding more such unique items to their menu. But right now their focus is on growing up their customer base. " I think I am going to keep Baroda Sandwich as a takeaway service even in the future as it's a side business for me. For now, I am focussing more on the customers. The demand for Bahubali sandwich is pretty good, and I would love to maintain it.", said Keval.


Well, if you are in Ahmedabad, and planning to gorge on a good snack, then head to this place, and enjoy a hearty sandwich bite with friends!

Where: Zalak complex, opposite central bank, Bhatta, Paldi, Ahmedabad

5 pm to 11 pm

Contact: 8320716321

Rs. 300 for two

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