Hijack 2.0 gives a fun combination of eating and travelling. It’s a restaurant on wheels that is here to hijack all Ambdavadis.

Travelling in a bus or a train has always been fun, but then finding a perfect restaurant during the journey is another headache. But Ambdavadis, now you don’t have to worry about that. Hijack 2.0 is here to take you on a ride where you won’t have to get down for food.

Hijack 2.0

It’s a full-service double-Decker restaurant. It has blue coloured comfy booths, where you can sit and dine. Every section has a table in red where all that delicious food is served. It is beautifully decorated with colourful balloons, and the neon lights will add a tinge of groove to your mood.

Hijack 2.0

You’ll have to dig in quickly because the moving bus will cool down the food instantly (Hog on to the food without wasting any time). Do you love taking selfies and photos? Then the view of the city will give you some great pictures. And even if you don’t like clicking, the beautiful view will treat your eyes for sure, and you will get lost in it while you’ll be hijacked to various locations in the city.

It’s a 90 minute long ride. The pick up point is Alfresco in Novotel, and then this beautiful blue Decker will take you through South Bopal, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Gurudwara and then back to the pick up point, Novotel. The staff will make you eat, sing, and dance for 70 minutes, and after that, you can enjoy the wind on your face with your beloved for the next 20 minutes in complete privacy.

Hijack 2.0

Book your tables before the Decker runs out of it. Oh, and did we tell that you can even book the whole damn bus for a private celebration like birthday, kitty party, or any special occasion! They will even decorate the decks for you. All you have to do is book a table and tell them what and how you want.

Well, you must be thinking, this ride is going to be pretty expensive, because, look at all the things that they are offering. But the price is also cool and affordable. This 90-minute bus ride with a food package comes at just Rs.950! Isn’t it just awesome? Book now and enjoy their mouthwatering vegetarian food with the breath-taking views of Ahmadabad with your friends and family!

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+91 9265606799 / +91 9782727276

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