The grey strands of your hair look gorgeous, but colouring them once in a while isn’t a bad idea. And if you are someone who needs it for a quick fix, then Revlon’s Top Speed hair colour is something you need at this moment.

My mom is a huge fan of her grey hair. She has embraced them and considers it to be the sign of graceful aging. I love them too, but it’s also me who is always behind her to colour them. Especially, when I think the greys are making her look dull and old. Though she usually denies my request as soon as I open my mouth, but this time she said yes. But I knew I had to look for an easy and convenient option to hold her interest and convenience her for future use. So, I started looking for a high-quality hair colour product for my first experiment, and I stumbled upon Revlons Top Speed minute fix, and it worked pretty well on her grey hair!

Fix the grey in 5 minutes!

The pack comes loaded with almost everything you need for a proper hair colouring process. The kit comes with two brushes. The first one is the hair colour comb which gives you full coverage, and it was pretty easy to use. The other one is a retouching brush for root touch-up applications. It also comes with a pair of plastic gloves that keeps the process mess-free. The directions are written in a simple manner. The reason why she really liked the product is that it is Ammonia-free. It also has conditioning ingredients like Mother of Pearl & Ginseng root extract.

It did not take much time, and she got done with the process in like 10 minutes. (I think once you get used to it, it will actually not take more than 5 minutes to do). Though it is available in 8 different shades for both men, and women, the one she picked was black. The end result was pretty impressive. All the grey strands of my mother’s hair almost disappeared, and if you are looking for something for your mom, then I will suggest you gift her this kit.

This product is available in 2 different sizes. The bigger one comes at Rs.699, and the smaller kit is priced at Rs.349. Since it was our first time, we picked the smaller kit, and I think it has a good quantity. This pocket-friendly hair colour kit is actually a must-try. It saves you from the hassles of going to a salon and waiting for your appointment. I had fun doing it with my mom, and she did approve of it. She gave a 5 out of 5, and I think that’s enough because moms are always right 😀

So, if you are planning to colour your, or your beloved’s grey hair. Feel free to pick Revlon’s Top Speed Hair Color Pack!
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