This lassi shop in Allahabad is serving lassi in a giant Kulhad, and it looks fabulous. If you are a fan of malai wali lassi da glass, then slurp on this Kulhad wali lassi at least once in Allahabad.

If after every lunch you think ‘Oye, lassi le aayen ji‘, and if just like us if you also believe that ‘burrah is in the lassi of the beholder‘, then this lassi place in Allahabad is going to be on your bucket list. Rajaram Lassi Wale is serving Allahabadis their giant Kulhad wali lassi, and it’s definitely something! Scroll down to slurp on more!


Located in the lanes of Malviyanagar, Rajaram Lassi Wale is one of the oldest shops in the city. They have been serving Lassis and other desserts for their last 3 generations. This lassi shop has seen Allahabad unlike anyone and knows what will make people happy. They are known for selling satiating Rabdi, Peda, and other such desserts. But, their giant Kulhad wali lassi is the star amongst all. The size of the kulhad is huge, and it’s not your regular malai lassi. There’s a lot more inside the Kulhad.


It has a thick consistency. It comes with a dollop of rabdi, fresh malai, paneer, and Kesar, gulab jal. The final look of this Kulhad wali lassi is Insta-worthy. Other than this filling lassi, this place is known for serving grainy milk pedas, and kesar-gulab rabdi. The owner of the shop ‘Mr. Sushil’ is quite welcoming, and will even treat you with free peda, and paneer slice. Watching him pour the lassi is a delight and listening to him will make you feel nostalgic. Slurp on this delicious lassi, and enjoy his nostalgic anecdotes about the journey of his shop!

Where: Rajaram Lassi Wale, Loknath Lm, Chowk, Malviyanagar, Prayagraj, UP
Friday, 9:30am–9:30pm

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