A small stall yet a powerful ideology defines B.Com Chaiwala from Ranchi!

B.Com Chaiwala from Ranchi is a 22-Year-old student who opens a tea stall daily and believes that now work is big or small.

Do you remember all those tricks that you used to apply to your parents during childhood to get your pocket money? How hard it was! But here, we are introducing you all to B.Com Chaiwala from Ranchi, who used his one-month pocket money so that he need not have to ask for pocket money from his parents.

He is a 22-year-old from Chaibasa, Singhbhum district, who serves people, ‘Chai’ to earn a small amount of money so that he doesn’t have to ask his parents for it. He is from a well-built family and still chose to do it. “I don’t think that any work should be considered big or small,” he says.

However, B.Com Chaiwala has not told his father, who is a bank manager, and mother about his tea stall. He does not reveal his identity and says, “My parents will not easily accept this. Hence, I have not told them. But as soon as I become successful, there will be no hesitation in telling them that it was me (B.Com Chaiwala).”

It was not always a “tea stall” that he wanted to open. After completing B.Com from Gossaner College, Ranchi, he wanted to get into a food business. “My dream of opening a food business was demanding a lot of investment which I could not afford. Hence, I thought, why not start from ‘Chai’,” he adds.

He opened the stall in October 2020 in Kokar where he comes daily in the evening for almost three hours.

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His journey also saw “downs” as initially, people were not supportive of his idea. “People on street used to give me looks when I had started running the stall. But I always focused on the motivation that I received in any way,” he adds.

Talking about the name of the stall, he says that he was very much inspired by ‘MBA Chaiwala’, which was established in the year 2016. “Due to the unique name and dedication towards my stall, people have now become friends,” B.Com Chaiwala says. He laughs as he says, “Gradually only, but people have started accepting me now.”

The young enthusiast from Ranchi is currently pursuing M.Com from Gossaner college.

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