What is ‘Carbon Watch’? Can you track how much carbon dioxide you emit in the atmosphere? Check it here!

‘Carbon Watch’ is a mobile application developed to show the carbon footprint released by human activity. Read below how you can use it and save the environment!

It is not a lesser-known fact that almost every city of India is dealing with pollution, including those which come under the category of “green cities”. Hence, in an attempt to collect the data on carbon footprint, Chandigarh has launched a mobile application named ‘Carbon Watch’.


The app, though, can be accessed by anyone, it has specific options to gather the carbon footprint of an individual from Chandigarh.

Carbon footprint refers to the number of greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide which is released by particular human activity. The app asses the carbon footprint to help in further research purposes.

The functioning of the app


After downloading the app from the Android play store, one will have to fill the details in four segments. Those will include Water, Energy, Waste Generation and Transport (Vehicular movement).

In the first category, i.e. water, one will have to fill in the information regarding the consumption of water.

However, one will have to provide the details regarding the consumption of electricity units every month along with the monthly bill in the ‘Energy’ section. People will also need to mention the usage of solar energy.

The third category, ‘Waste’ requires one to inform about the generation of waste on their part and their family.

On the other hand, one needs to inform about the usage of the mode of transport in the ‘Transport’ section. Users will have to inform here if they are using four-wheelers, two-wheelers,s or a bicycle.

What after that?

The app will calculate the carbon footprint based on the information. It will also suggest the national or world average of the emission.


In addition to this, the app will also inform users of the methods to reduce carbon footprints. For example, the app may advise the usage of bicycles to people who only travel in four-wheelers.

The Green motivation

The app has been started with the major motive to make people aware of their carbon footprint so that they can take measures accordingly.

Further, UT Environment Department will analyze the average ratio of Chandigarh in the national and world emission through the app.

How to download: Search the app on the Android play store. Select “Chandigarh” or “Out of Chandigarh” to fill the area’s pin code and start it.

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