The symbol of the city’s cinema history is all set to evoke magic again as Kolkata’s iconic Metro cinema has opened again. Check out how it looks and what facilities will it offer!

As good news to all cinema lovers living in Kolkata, INOX has announced the launch of a multiplex at Kolkata’s iconic Metro cinema in the city.


Located at Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, the place is redesigned by architect Subir Kumar Basu. It will house 2 screens with a total of 422 seats. Each of the 2 screens in the multiplex is soaked in comfort and equipped with the best-in-class cinema technologies for sound and projection.

The cinema hall was first built by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the year 1935. It was designed by Scottish architect Thomas Lamb.

However, Metro Realty Group has tried to create the same magic again for the guests.

How’s from inside?

The cinema lovers will encounter the grand lobby on the ground floor. Moving from the restored beauty of the nostalgic lobby, guests will enter the ultra-plush auditoriums, featuring roomier seats with enhanced legroom.

People will also get to enjoy cutting-edge sound and projection technology. Along with it, razor-sharp visuals and a choice of the 3D screen will no doubt, be impressive for cinema-goers.

The multiplex will possess a string of customer-friendly digital features like paper-less ticketing and check-ins. Apart from this, guests will have the option of ordering food through a touch-screen enabled interactive system.

The best part is, those who are not watching a movie can go and enjoy the food in ‘Café Unwind’ situated inside the place.

With the launch of Metro INOX, INOX Leisure Ltd now operates 12 multiplexes with 46 screens in Kolkata.

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