“No flirting”, ” No brushing teeth”… We are not saying this but this Irani cafe in Pune is making it clear for their guests!

Have you ever seen weird restrictions in a restaurant like “No combing” or “No laptop”? If no, Irani cafe in Pune is making its list of “don’ts” very clear for the customers visiting the cafe. Check out what all you cannot do here! 

Mostly, it’s the unique name and dishes on the menu card which leave people go all astonished. However, this time, the “Don’ts” of this Irani cafe in Pune has surprised people all over social media.


The menu card of the cafe is doing rounds on the internet where bizarre things have mentioned that need to be taken care of while visiting the cafe.

You can not comb your hair in this restaurant, being one of the restrictions. And, don’t even think of talking about gambling here, as written in the menu card.

Weird, right? Wait, the list continues with “No laptop”, “No talking loud”, “No matchsticks”, “No brushing teeth”, ” No mobile games” and “No flirting with cashier”.

The whole Twitter community is confused about the menu and retweeting it with hilarious captions and comments.

But do you know that the official Twitter page of the cafe is replying to everyone? See it here!

The best of the restrictions is “No gum under the table” which reminds us of the good childhood days. But didn’t we still use to do it?

By the way, what is making us all intrigued is, “No sleeping, No Brushing Teeth”! Have you ever heard of anyone who, anyways, sleeps in a cafe or brushes teeth?

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