The way this Guwahati waiter danced on a romantic Bollywood song says it all about the hidden talent we have in this country. Check it out below!

The hardest time after ordering food is to wait for it to arrive. All of us almost reach the point of being impatient when the food arrives. But imagine what if the waiter, coming along with the food, impresses you with his finest dance moves before serving? The wait is worth it, right! The same thing happened at Guwahati ‘Absolute Barbecues’ when a Guwahati waiter danced on ‘Girl I need you’ from the movie ‘Baghi’.


Recently, a video of Surajit Tripura dancing on Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Girl I need you’ from ‘Baghi’ film had gone viral on the internet.

Surajit could be seen in a yellow shirt and black pants grooving on the song in front of the guests at the restaurant.

The video featuring Surajit was uploaded on the internet on February 6. It had started making rounds on all social media platforms after that. Several internet users had shared their reactions appreciating the talent of the 23-year-old waiter.

“He is such a talented person,” one comment on the video reads. Another netizen writes, “Amazing performance.”

We are grooving with him already!

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