Internet’s new sensation is the video of an NRI couple skiing in Mundu and Saree. Check out how they are amazingly doing it while also flaunting their attire!

For those who have done skiing and also those who have not, it’s a fact that is known to everyone that skiing requires good command and concentration. This is why the internet got stunned when a video of an NRI couple skiing in Mundu and Saree went viral.


Divya and Madhu, easily gliding through the snow can be seen in the viral photos and videos.

This couple from the US had posted a video on their social media handle where they could be observed skiing on the slopes of Welch Village – a ski area in Minnesota.

Where Divya flaunts her blue saree over leggings and a pullover, Madhu opted for a blue shirt and a white Mundu.

Both of them were seen hitting the snow-covered slopes of a resort through skiing.

“We needed to do something crazy today to distract ourselves!” Divya wrote on her Instagram while sharing the video.

Couple skiing in Mundu and Saree taking inspiration from fashion blogger

Divya also mentioned on the post that her inspiration for doing so is Masoom Minawala Mehta, who is a fashion blogger. Mehta had posted a video of skiing in a saree in Switzerland.

Till now, the video has garnered 1,16,773 likes.

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