Karnataka senior news photographer won Photographic Society of America’s Gold Award

The news photographer, Astro Mohan has won the Photographic Society of America’s Gold Award for his picture, “The Halt”.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This powerful English language adage well describes the significance of photography. One such still by Astro Mohan has made him win the Photographic Society of America’s Gold Award.

‘The Halt’ Source

Astro Mohan, who belongs from Udupi in Karnataka won the award for his intriguing picture which he named ‘The  Halt’.

The senior news photographer captioned the picture, ‘The Halt’ as it depicts not less than hundred fishing boats docked at the Malpe Fishing Harbour.

With blue and green colour boats visible in the picture, the amazing click by Astro Mohan is much intriguing.

‘The March’ at America’s Gold Award event

‘The March’ Source

Then another picture of the photographer depicts ‘Kambala’, which is an annual Buffalo Race held in Karnataka. Astro has named this picture ‘The March’. He also received appreciation for this click.

Astro received the award at a recent Dhaka International Photo Awards event.

All it reminds us is the song by Mission of Burma, “This is not a photograph“!

Check out his Instagram page here.

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