Another in a row, Hoshangabad to be renamed as ‘Narmadapuram’ soon

After Mughalsarai railway station, Allahabad and others, now, Hoshangabad to be renamed as ‘Narmadapuram’. The CM of Madhya Pradesh announced it while attending an event in Hoshangabad.

It won’t be wrong to say that our country is going through a phase of ‘Namkaran‘. This time, it is the turn of Hoshangabad to be renamed ‘Narmadapuram’.


The news about the “changed name” of Hoshangabad of Madhya Pardesh surfaced all over the media after the announcement of the CM. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, talked about changing the name of the city during an event organized to celebrate ‘Narmada Jayanti’.

Hoshangabad to be renamed with people’s cheers

Mr. Chouhan asked the people present in the event whether they like the name, ‘Hoshangabad’ or if they wanted to change it. After people shouted saying, ‘Narmadapur’ and ‘Narmada Nagar’, the CM announced that it will be changed to ‘Narmadapuram’.

Before this, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had proposed to change the name of Hoshangabad to Narmadapuram in 2008. However, the center led by UPA (then) had not approved.

Hoshangabad is a place full of historical temples. It had got its name from the 15th Century sultan of Malwa, Hoshang Shah.

The demands to change the name of the city was going on for a long time.

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