With quirky quilts and colourful toy pillows, these Uttarakhand women from 'Purkal Stree Shakti' are quilting joys!

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With quirky quilts and colourful toy pillows, these Uttarakhand women from 'Purkal Stree Shakti' are quilting joys!

'Purkal Stree Shakti' is a social enterprise where more than 170 local artisans (all women) weave love along with designs on hand-made quilts. It was non profit till 2020, however, the status has changed since the revival from Coronavirus lockdown.

In the lap of the Himalayas exist a group of women who give quilts, a personal touch of warmth and love before sending to people. They are the quilters from 'Purkal Stree Shakti' living in the serene vibes of Uttarakhand. This organisation has not just provided women with the means of living but ensures that they work to give their best in hand quilting.


From 'memory quilts' and 'toy pillows' to embroidered bags and 'feel-good journals', the women here fill life in the products they touch. Even if a quilt takes around 150 hours to be completed, it becomes a "must-have" as soon as it's done. They also make pet products, apron sets, and tea cozies, the colourful ones to cover the teapots to keep it warm.


Purkal Street Shakti Samiti was started in the year 2003 by Mrs. Chinni Swamy in Dehradun. She had an aim to empower underprivileged village women. Her aim turned into reality and gradually, more than 170 women from 40 villages joined the Samiti. "With God's grace, this organization had a positive impact on the lives of so many women. I, now, want to call it a day," Mrs. Swamy says.

Survived COVID

However, the organisation saw a big disruption due to coronavirus lockdown forcing the artisans to "work from home". Women were finding it difficult to find a quiet corner in their homes to focus and immerse in the craft.

All thanks to the three young designers and entrepreneurs who are associated with the artisans for over 6 years. Banee Batta, Aastha Giri, and Aiswarya Enolla Patri managed to revive 'Purkal'. And now, the organization is back on the track with the best handwork craft for the customers.


The artisans are the happiest ones after the revival. Along with their best Applique, Patchwork, Hand Embroidery, and Hand quilting, they made the first order after lockdown special. Vinni, the local artisan, sent a postcard along with the "cushion order" to the customer. She expressed in that letter how happy she was to work on his order as it was the first after lockdown.

'Purkal' is now aiming to re-employ as many women as possible. They are also focusing on the online presence that helped them a lot in surviving during COVID. The organisation is planning to focus on the global market as it also took a major hit.

In a nutshell, women of 'Purkal' are all set to disseminate colourful cheers again!

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Contact: +91 9897987774 , +91 7409607847, +91 9927099921

The average price of products: Starts from Rs 2,500 Delivery: Worldwide

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