Add a dash of spice to your taste buds with a cup of Chilli Chai in Bangalore!

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Add a dash of spice to your taste buds with a cup of Chilli Chai in Bangalore!

If you are an adventurous eater and find solace in spicy food, then we've got something for you. It's time to get over those spicy noodles and hot wings. It's time to try this unique Chilli Chai, and get lost in a spice paradise!

Some like it hot. Both, the flavour and the warmth! If you are someone who is an avid lover of chillies, spice, and everything nice, then check out this spicy version of regular tea in Banglore, and enjoy a spicy sip with a cup of chilli chai!



Located in JP Nagar, Chaiffee cafe is a place that serves lip-smacking street-styled dishes. From small bites to pasta, to breakfast bowls, to much more. This place is perfect for you to go with your gang, and have a scrumptious fast food meal. Since this café offers a range of flavoured tea, coffee, and other beverages, it is one of the favourites in Bangalore. 

Now coming to the star, and the most unique item of their menu, Chilli chai is a hit among local people. This Kadak Chai is made by slitting fresh green chillies. Then it is brewed in a vessel along with your regular chai ingredients, and once it is boiled to perfection, this teekhi chai is served in a kulhad. This cup of tea is a perfect blend of hot, sweet, and spicy. If you are a fan of masala chai, then this chilli flavoured tea is a must-try. 



After spicing up for palates, you can change the taste, and try their other interesting flavours, like Moroccon mint, and oriental ginger. Their coffee section has your regulars, and they are a pro at brewing them too. 

The pretty ambiance of this place makes it a perfect place to hang in with your friends. Enjoy some epic street-style food, and of course their epic green chilli chai. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a chaiaholic, and you are in Banglore, make plans na! Hit this place for some good food, and a spicy sip of chilli chai!

Where: Chaiffee Cafe, JP Nagar

7 am - 10 pm

Rs.25 for a kulhad

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